What Can I Do To Improve My Thyroid Function?

Greenville SC Thyroid Doctor Answers: What Can I Do To Improve My Thyroid Function?

If you have a thyroid condition, you might believe there isn’t much you can do to improve thyroid function beyond taking medication. But typically, that’s not the case, and this is very good news for thyroid patients.

Most medications taken by low thyroid patients are designed to bring TSH levels within normal range. But this is not the only way to manage this condition, and it isn’t often the most effective. Another option is to work on improving your health and thyroid function by focusing on the root cause of the condition rather than symptoms.

TSH levels that are too high are typically taken to mean the individual has low thyroid function, but that’s often where evaluation stops. Practitioners in conventional medicine don’t tend to ask why there is a problem with thyroid function. What’s causing it? You may be struggling with low thyroid symptoms like stubborn weight gain, fatigue, or brittle hair and nails. But did you ever consider low thyroid function itself as a symptom of an underlying problem?

Most low thyroid patients, when tested, are found to have the autoimmune disease known as Hashimoto’s. Hashimoto’s involves an attack by the immune system on the individual’s own thyroid. As it’s damaged, symptoms can rage. Regardless of whether or not medication manages to bring TSH levels within what’s considered a normal range, those symptoms may continue—or worsen—as long as the underlying autoimmune problem remains unaddressed.

If you work with the right healthcare provider, you can take a proactive approach to managing Hashimoto’s disease as well as low thyroid. Functional wellness practitioners partner with patients to help them achieve results that make a profound difference in how they feel. The therapeutic support they provide is completely natural, and results are designed to be long term solutions.

If you really want to improve thyroid function instead of just relying on care that’s designed to mask symptoms, schedule a consultation with a practitioner trained in functional wellness.

Functional wellness care begins with a comprehensive evaluation that includes in-depth testing and a careful, extensive consideration of the patient’s health history. Testing that goes far beyond checking TSH levels or a handful of markers yields a comprehensive picture of what is happening with your health and thyroid function. This points the way to what can be done to help you heal and recover. Dysfunctions and imbalances can be addressed through a variety of types of therapeutic support, including adjustments to diet, nutritional support, lifestyle interventions, detoxification and more.

Improving thyroid function isn’t as simple as taking a pill and having blood work checked every few months. It requires deep investigation into your condition, the development of a customized plan of therapeutic support, education about physiology, and a commitment to following through with your care plan. This is how to get the measurable, lasting results that equate to real improvements in your health and how you feel.

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