Extensive Testing for Low Thyroid

Extensive Testing for Low Thyroid in Greenville SC

Comprehensive, specific testing is a must for a proper evaluation of your thyroid problem. Low thyroid is a complex health condition. If you’ve tried ‘everything’ for low thyroid symptoms but you’re still feeling bad, thorough testing may make all the difference in your care and your health.

A functional wellness care practitioner takes a different approach to thyroid problems compared to most who work within the standard medical model. The goal of the practitioner trained in functional wellness care is to gain as much information as possible on the specific condition of your body and your health.

Doing so involves ordering the right tests—the ones you really need—and interpreting the results properly. By contrast, a practitioner in standard medicine typically focuses on between 1 and possibly 3 tests—ones that measure TSH or thyroid stimulating hormone levels. That’s all that is used to determine whether or not your thyroid is functioning properly. This is woefully inadequate for most patients, because the thyroid is involved in virtually every physiological function within the body.

If you ask your health care provider what’s causing your low thyroid, it’s likely you won’t receive much of an answer. It’s actually quite possible to identify the underlying cause of your symptoms, including thyroid dysfunction. Thyroid dysfunction may well be affecting how you feel, but the real cause behind your symptoms is what is causing the thyroid problem. Extensive testing can reveal what that cause is.

Once the specific reasons why you’re feeling the way you do are identified, it’s possible for a functional wellness care practitioner to help you. It takes a lot of time and effort to fully evaluate thyroid conditions in this way, but it is worth it. The results of thorough testing point to very specific ways you can be helped—ones that are safe and natural. A customized plan of therapeutic support that is tailored specifically for your body’s needs is far more likely to be effective than one that’s used for virtually every patient suspected of having low thyroid in exactly the same way.

Testing that is in-depth as well as comprehensive can lead to customized, effective care that helps you feel better because you actually improve function within your body in specific ways. Testing also allows for comprehensive evaluation of the therapy you receive. There’s no need to take a ‘wait and see’ approach with therapeutic support from the perspective of a functional wellness care practitioner. Patients can be re-tested and measurable results obtained, so there’s no need to ‘guess’ how therapy is going.

Today’s standard health care model is inadequate and outdated for patients who suffer from chronic health conditions such as low thyroid. You don’t have to float through therapeutic support from one medication to another, one dosage to the next, just chasing after symptoms. Instead, a functional wellness care practitioner can utilize extensive, in-depth testing to find the root cause of your condition, and then address what’s actually going wrong within your body.

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