How We Work With Patients Suffering From Unresolved Thyroid Symptoms

When you work with us, one thing we won’t do is treat you based on your symptoms. We also won’t prescribe medications for you, nor will we take you off of any medications. Only your primary care doctor can do this. We do not diagnose, treat or cure any disease or condition. But what you can expect and what we do help with is giving you long-term solutions to your thyroid condition that will help you feel better long into the future.

Step One: Determine the Root Cause of Your Thyroid Condition

Unfortunately, many patients are undiagnosed or misdiagnosed when it comes to thyroid dysfunction. Most traditional doctors only perform one test to measure your TSH levels, and sometimes they will test T4 or T3. Because thyroid is a master hormone and influences the function of almost every system, we assess 10 different thyroid markers. We also do additional advanced testing that may include comprehensive blood work, a urine test, a salivary test for cortisol and other hormones, and functional neurological tests to determine how well your thyroid is actually working and what may be causing dysfunction. It’s only by gathering complete information and getting the whole picture of your body operating as a complete system, that we are able to recommend therapies and a plan of action that will help you feel better.

Step Two: Programs For Optimal Wellness

low-thyroid-infoYour thyroid condition is unique. Your symptoms may be the same as others, but the causes and triggers may differ from anyone else. So, why would your care plan be the same as everyone else? Because no two patients are alike, the next step to get you back on the path to optimum health is customized care. Our approach to thyroid wellness may include one or more of the following...

Step Three: Plan for Optimized Wellness

Detoxification:  This is an important building block that ensures that your naturally occurring detoxification processes in your liver; kidney, lymph and gut function optimally again. This is an integral factor in proper thyroid function as the conversion of thyroid hormones from their inactive form to the active form occurs in the gut and the liver.

Nutrition: Most people understand what health, nutrition, supplementation and hydration look like as a result of the number of fad diets on the market. However, proper nutrition is based on the idea that the best diet for you to achieve lifelong health and energy is the one that your body can process for fuel, which is likely, not the latest health fad.

Exercise & Fitness: How we teach you about fitness and exercise is designed to get you fit the right way without spending every day in the gym. When it comes to fitness, it’s possible to work smarter not harder and still produce effective results.

Hormones: This is a method to regulate your entire body.  In order to understand hormone balance we will order the right lab tests to uncover the root causes of your health challenges.  Once we understand if a hormone problem is happening, we then personalize your care plan to include getting hormones back to proper levels.

Nervous System: Because your brain is connected to every body system, if your pathways are blocked, or your mindset is clouded it’s difficult to see how it’s possible to take control of your health.  The mind-body connection is powerful and a critical factor in achieving any goal you desire, health-related or not.  Therefore, we will focus on optimizing your mind, nervous system and entire body.

Doctor with female patientBecause of this comprehensive approach, we have the knowledge and expertise to handle challenging thyroid cases. Many patients come to our clinic frustrated that they are taking medication and not feeling better, or because their symptoms are becoming worse and they’re just sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.

Whatever your symptoms and issues, we are committed to finding answers for you. We promise to “leave no stone unturned” when it comes to determining the root cause of your disorder.

If you are ready to explore a more comprehensive option for your thyroid symptoms, contact us today at (864) 757-8500 to schedule your consultation.

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