Functional Wellness Care For Low Thyroid

Greenville SC Functional Wellness Care For Low Thyroid

Do you have symptoms you believe may be related to low thyroid? Maybe you’re struggling with weight gain and an inability to shed extra pounds despite following a careful diet and getting plenty of exercise. Excessive fatigue, low libido and thinning hair are some other possible signs something is off with your thyroid.

Most people visit their general practitioners when signs of low thyroid become noticeable. Typically, practitioners order blood work they’ll use to determine whether or not the thyroid is functioning properly. They usually rely on measurements of TSH or thyroid stimulating hormone as a way to identify thyroid problems.

If your TSH levels are elevated based on comparison with a range that’s considered normal, you’ll likely be told you have low thyroid. Medications are often used in an effort to bring TSH levels within a normal range in the hope that you’ll feel better as a result.

There are a couple of problems with this standard medical approach to care for low thyroid patients. For one, some individuals experience side effects from medication that are extremely discomforting.

Another potential problem with taking thyroid medicine is an overall negative affect it may have on your health long-term. But the biggest problem with this approach is much more general: TSH levels do not reveal the cause of your thyroid problem or your symptoms.

Elevated TSH levels do not cause symptoms like weight gain or fatigue. It’s likely your abnormal TSH levels are actually a sign of an underlying condition just the same way your symptoms are; it’s the actual condition that must be addressed if you hope to improve your health and the way you feel.

Thyroid problems, including low thyroid, are rarely if ever simple matters that can be easily identified and quickly resolved through medication. Instead they are typically complex, chronic health issues that involve much more than the thyroid gland, or even the thyroid and pituitary gland or the endocrine system alone.

The thyroid is involved with function in all systems throughout the body. There is a great deal more that must be examined for a full evaluation of a thyroid problem than TSH levels. In-depth, comprehensive testing that goes far beyond checking thyroid stimulating hormone is the only way to find the root cause of the problem and gain a complete picture of what is going on in your body and with your health.

Functional wellness care providers offer an alternative approach for those who believe they may have a thyroid condition due to symptoms or the results of limited blood work.The focus in functional wellness is on finding the real cause of your symptoms, and then correcting the problem by working with the body’s own natural ability to heal itself.

If you do have low thyroid, it’s possible to determine why. It’s also likely that by restoring balance and correcting dysfunction in specific ways that reflect your body’s precise needs, you can be helped through natural therapeutic support.

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