Ways to Manage Hypothyroidism

Ways to Manage Hypothyroidism in Greenville SC

Hypothyroidism or low thyroid is becoming more and more common in the U.S. Symptoms such as depression, dry skin, GI issues, insomnia, hair loss, joint pain, headaches, low libido and chronic fatigue are just a few associated with low thyroid dysfunction. Because many of these symptoms are easily associated with other health concerns, many people are not aware that they have a thyroid condition.

Traditional medicine also contributes to the misdiagnosis of thyroid disorders. This is because traditional practitioners typically only base their diagnosis on TSH levels. Unfortunately, this is not enough information to give them the full picture of their patients’ health and because of this, patient’s who have “normal” TSH levels may still actually have a thyroid condition.

This also explains why many patients who are taking thyroid medication still suffer from their symptoms. It’s because the root cause of their condition is being overlooked. The only way to determine what’s really causing a low thyroid condition is to utilize comprehensive testing. This is exactly what a functional wellness practitioner does.

A functional wellness practitioner is trained to determine the underlying causes of your condition. They pair a thorough physical examination and comprehensive laboratory testing to determine exactly where imbalances are occurring in your body systems. By gathering all the information, they’re able to see the complete picture of your health, and then recommend the most effective therapies to correct those imbalances.

With a focus on safe and effective care, these providers offer natural therapies and coach you through lifestyle changes that will most benefit your condition based on your specific needs. Customized care is a priority to these providers because they understand that every patient is unique. What works for one patient may not be effective for the next, so every patient has his or her own individualized care plan.

Functional wellness practitioners often see patients who have been struggling with hypothyroidism for quite awhile, sometimes even years. Sadly, traditional medicine doesn’t offer many options for thyroid patients other than medication. If a thyroid disorder is not properly managed, symptoms can become quite debilitating over time and lead to even more serious health issues. It can be very frustrating for patients to achieve little to no relief from their condition with their current care plan; however, many patients are achieving great results by working with a functional wellness provider.

The goal is for you to get back to optimum health once again, and also for you to have the knowledge and tools that you will need to successfully manage your own health for a lifetime. Working with a functional wellness provider can be life changing. Take the time to explore if this option may be right for you.

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