Comprehensive Thyroid Care

Comprehensive Thyroid Care in Greenville SC

Going to your traditional doctor to learn more about your thyroid disorder can be frustrating when you don’t receive any concrete answers about what’s going on. This can leave you wondering why you have been dealing with dry skin, brittle nails, trouble with weight loss, and many other symptoms of a thyroid problem.

While you can learn a lot about your health by simply paying attention to how you feel, getting to the bottom of what’s causing your thyroid problems is much more complex. This is why it’s recommended to seek comprehensive care from a functional wellness practitioner.

How is Comprehensive Care Different?

There are many differences between basic and comprehensive help, all of which can have a huge impact with the way you’re cared for. Some of the most noticeable include:

1. In-Depth Testing

Some consultations for thyroid help generally consist of a quick thyroid test that looks at the levels of thyroid hormones in the body. Unfortunately because this basic test doesn’t provide a complete picture of thyroid health, it’s likely to miss what’s really going on with this important gland.

To avoid this frustrating experience, it’s recommended to meet with a functional wellness practitioner. Their focus is finding the underlying cause of the problem by providing every patient with in-depth testing for the entire body. This looks at the thyroid as well as any other dysfunctions, imbalances, or health issues that might be contributing to your symptoms and thyroid problems.

2. Empowering the Patient

While some doctors try to get through every patient as quickly as possible, that’s not how wellness practitioners work. Instead, they focus on empowering the patient to take better care of themselves. That’s why they explain test results, address concerns, and answer any questions. As a patient, this understanding will give you motivation to take advantage of the solutions that your practitioner provides.

3. Tailoring Solutions for Each Patient

Some physicians are known for providing their patients with prescriptions that have long lists of side effects. Functional wellness practitioners don’t work like this, as their care is based on natural solutions that help to heal the body. They come up with these solutions not by chance but by analyzing each individual’s test results to determine what they need. For instance, you could have a hormonal imbalance contributing to your thyroid problem, which could be resolved with hormone therapy. With these natural solutions providing the body with what it needs, you’re more likely to feel better and may even experience fewer thyroid symptoms as well.

Making Sense of your Thyroid Disorder

There’s no reason to go through life wondering what’s really going on with your thyroid. With the help of a functional wellness practitioner, you’ll receive more in-depth care and you may finally uncover the answers you’ve been searching for. They will be your partners in taking great care of your thyroid and work with you every step of the way for a comfortable experience.

Schedule your thyroid consultation today and learn how we may be able to help your thyroid symptoms.