Support for Hypothyroidism

Support for Hypothyroidism in Greenville SC

Is a low thyroid problem interfering with your productivity, lifestyle, or sense of well-being? Have you sought help through your primary care physician, only to achieve mediocre results, or partial symptom resolution? It’s understandable you might feel frustrated when you’re struggling with thyroid symptoms, but your lab tests are normal, or your doctor says there’s nothing wrong with your thyroid when you’re certain something’s been missed. What can you do, and where should you turn?

The good news is you’re not out of options if standard medical care fails to help with your low thyroid. A functional wellness practitoner is the solution. No matter how dire your situation may seem or how many symptoms you’re suffering with, you can achieve a much better level of wellness, provided you’re willing to step up and take responsibility for your own health care.

It’s important to understand that thyroid conditions are rarely simple matters. The thyroid is involved in virtually every physiological process within the body. This is why symptoms seem to impact such a wide variety of organs and systems. If you have low thyroid, you may have memory problems and headaches, suffer with muscle aches or fibromyalgia and you may be battling low libido and infertility.

You may already realize the thyroid is responsible for your metabolism, which is part of the reason low thyroid patients find it extremely difficult to lose weight. But did you know the vast majority of low thyroid patients actually are suffering with an autoimmune disease known as Hashimoto’s? If you have Hashimoto’s disease, it’s very unlikely a prescription for thyroid replacement is going to help you feel better.

Low thyroid patients need to work with someone who is dedicated and committed to identifying and resolving their health problem as fully as possible. Functional wellness practitioners are a great choice, as they take a comprehensive approach to health. Functional health isn’t about ‘fixing’ something that’s ‘broken’ by means of a prescription drug, or hoping symptoms go away. It’s about uncovering the root causes of health problems, and then using safe, natural therapies that support the body’s ability to heal itself.

A functional health practitioner will partner with you to not only help you heal and thrive in better health, but to learn how to stay healthy long term. You’ll make very precise adjustments to whatever areas of your life may be affecting your condition, such as diet and nutrition, exercise and sleep habits, stress, and environmental factors.

Functional wellness isn’t a ‘guessing game;’ it is based on scientific evidence. You’ll undergo in-depth testing, provide detailed information in an extensive health history consultation, and find you are answering a lot of questions about how you feel. You’ll also find, your doctor is listening and deeply interested in the information you provide.

If health care aimed at causes and safe, natural long-term solutions appeals to you, consider working with a functional wellness practitioner on your low thyroid problem. You’ll find answers, support, personalized care and a variety of therapies are available to help you feel the best you possibly can.

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