Safe And Effective Care For Thyroid Concerns

Safe And Effective Care For Thyroid Concerns in Greenville SC

Thyroid symptoms can be uncomfortable, distressing or even debilitating. Low thyroid is the most common thyroid problem patients have and it isn’t uncommon for the condition to severely disrupt people’s lives in multiple ways. This is why it’s so important to seek out effective care. Since the goal is to improve your health, it’s also vital that your care is safe.

Unfortunately, thyroid conditions rarely involve a quick or easy fix, although this isn’t something patients are always made aware of when they seek care. One of the reasons it can be difficult to properly manage thyroid problems relates to the thyroid itself. The thyroid is involved with the body’s energy production, body temperature and hormone balance. It has a profound effect on brain chemistry. It is intertwined with multiple systems in the body including the musco-skeletal system, the digestive system, the immune system and the circulatory system.

The most effective care for thyroid concerns will take into account the inter-related nature of the body’s organs and systems. Today, it’s common for medical care to focus on one aspect of the body, or to try to ‘fix’ one problem in the hope of alleviating symptoms. As an example, if you are gaining weight despite following a healthy diet and getting regular exercise, your healthcare practitioner may test for a thyroid condition. Typically, this involves testing levels of TSH, or thyroid stimulating hormone.

Whether or not your practitioner determines you have a thyroid problem based on TSH levels, limited blood work does not yield a comprehensive picture of all that is going on within your body. This includes multiple possibilities for imbalances or dysfunctions related to thyroid function. Much more detailed testing would yield much more information–information that could prove very important in creating an effective care plan geared towards promoting optimal health.

Consider that it is very possible for you to have a thyroid problem and feel its effects in discomforting ways, yet have TSH level results that fall within ‘normal’ range. Patients sometimes are given medication to correct TSH level imbalances, yet after normal range results are achieved, they still feel terrible. They still struggle with symptoms like digestive problems, brain fog, depression, low libido and weight gain. The thyroid problem has been corrected by medication according to test results. Yet clearly there are still problems affecting the patient in cases like these.

Thyroid therapy from a function wellness practitioner who is experienced in thyroid disorders may be the best choice for safe, effective care. Functional wellness does not focus on organs or systems within the body in isolation; it considers the body as a whole. It takes into account that the thyroid is part of multiple systems and functions. It considers that the impact of thyroid dysfunction on the entire body may be very widespread. A skilled, experienced functional wellness practitioner will provide care for the whole person.

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