Natural Help for Hashimoto’s

Natural Help for Hashimoto’s in Greenville SC

It’s common for traditional care providers to tell their patients there’s no natural help for Hashimoto’s available. One of the biggest reasons for this is their lack of understanding of the condition as well as their focus on medication-based solutions. Fortunately there are alternative care providers that patients can turn to instead, and their focus is on drug-free care with an emphasis on personalized solutions. These care providers are functional wellness practitioners, and their help can make a huge difference with how you think about dealing with Hashimoto’s disease.

Why is Natural Care Important?

Traditional health care is excellent for situations where you’re dealing with a broken bone, sprained ankle, or even the flu. However, where this type of care comes up short is with addressing the root cause of certain health issues. With Hashimoto’s specifically, most traditional physicians will brush off the symptoms as a typical thyroid problem before quickly prescribing a medication. Unfortunately because Hashimoto’s is an autoimmune disease, those medications do nothing to actually heal the problem, which allows it to get worse over time.

With natural health care the focus shifts from the medications that will numb the symptoms to what your body needs to actually heal. Because in-depth testing is required to do this, the risk of guessing which solutions are right is completely eliminated. Instead, the results from the exams and tests are used to identify the exact dysfunctions, deficiencies, and imbalances that are causing the symptoms.

How is Functional Wellness Care Different?

Beyond just the fact that functional wellness practitioners utilize natural care, there are many other differences in the way they help patients with Hashimoto’s. Some of the most noticeable include:

– Comprehensive Testing

Wellness practitioners utilize tests and exams that everyday doctors simply do not provide. This includes metabolic blood tests, food allergy tests, neurological exams and many others that produce a complete picture of your body’s overall health.

– Addressing the Underlying Health Issues

There are many different health issues that could be contributing to Hashimoto’s disease within your body. This could be increased levels of stress hormones, a diet high in gluten, an inflamed digestive tract or a wide variety of other problems. The exact problems that are discovered in your testing will tell the practitioner exactly what your body needs. From there they’ll create a customized wellness plan that’s designed to heal those problem areas so your body can function more efficiently and without as many roadblocks.

What About the Future?

Managing Hashimoto’s is something that requires time, knowledge of your health specifically, and a focus on making permanent life changes. If you’re willing to do all of these things, your wellness practitioner will be right there alongside you. With their help and your commitment, your future may be much more comfortable and enjoyable.

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