Hypothyroid Wellness Care

Hypothyroid Wellness Care in Greenville SC

No matter your age, hypothyroidism can take a toll on your life and health. In addition to the exhaustion, it can leave you feeling unlike yourself as you lose hair, suffer from brittle skin, or experience the many other symptoms of this problem. Is there any hope that things can change? By receiving high quality care from a functional wellness practitioner you can brighten your outlook on this chronic condition.

The Difference with Functional Wellness Care

When most hypothyroid sufferers first go to functional wellness practitioners, they rejoice in the fact that this form of care is different. Some of the most notable reasons why include:

1. Personalized Care

The first appointment with a functional wellness practitioner is much longer than traditional doctor’s appointments. This is because it gives them a chance to know the patient, including their health history and any symptoms they’ve been experiencing.

2. Whole-Body Testing

Wellness practitioners go beyond basic TSH testing in an effort to uncover areas of distress within the body. Taking into account your symptoms and health concerns, they provide tests that are tailored to you. With the results, they can uncover conditions, deficiencies, dysfunctions and other health issues that are contributing to your thyroid problems.

3. Natural Solutions Focused on Healing

Functional wellness practitioners do not write prescriptions for hypothyroid and send you on your way. Instead, they put their focus on healing the issues that were found from your in-depth testing. For example, if you had a nutrient deficiency that was causing your thyroid to become sluggish, they’d recommend supplements or nutrient-rich foods to correct that imbalance. Or, if you were suffering from an autoimmune condition, they might recommend detoxing the body to determine any foods causing inflammation.

Healing the body is key with functional wellness and a hallmark of this approach to thyroid care. As the patient, this requires you to take a more prominent role in your health as you make permanent changes to your lifestyle. Fortunately, this effort can be worth it when your body begins to heal and is able to function more optimally as a result.

Alternative Care with a Purpose

Hypothyroid care from functional wellness practitioners isn’t what most people are used to. However, with this alternative approach, many people are able to take control of their thyroid health. In addition to this, they’re able to finally understand the reasons why they feel the way they do, so they’re empowered to make the changes that are necessary. If you can relate to the frustration that this condition can cause, it’s not too late to receive help.

Hypothyroidism is not the same for everyone. While your symptoms might be similar to those of someone else, the causes of them are unique to you. To uncover these, you must work with a care provider that will put the time and effort into this investigation. Fortunately, functional wellness practitioners will do just this and become your partners in achieving optimal health.

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