Effective Care for Hypothyroidism

Effective Care for Hypothyroidism in Greenville SC

Are you still struggling with symptoms even though you’ve been under care for hypothyroidism for months? Unfortunately, the type of therapeutic support low thyroid patients typically receive from practitioners in standard medicine can be ineffective.

The patient takes medication as directed but fails to feel better. In some cases, patients feel worse as time goes on and despite adjustments in medication types and dosages, they never feel good again.

The key to truly effective care for hypothyroidism is to work with a practitioner who will find the root cause of your condition. Doctors often evaluate thyroid patients by ordering blood work that checks TSH levels. Most of the time, an individual’s thyroid condition is not so simple, however.

Limited blood work does not reveal why TSH levels are high—it assumes there is a failure within the thyroid, but that’s not necessarily the case. And if the thyroid is functioning improperly, in what ways exactly is the dysfunction occurring—and why? What’s causing your thyroid problem, and in what ways is it affecting the organs and systems within your body beyond TSH?

A practitioner who is trained in functional wellness care will ask these specific and important questions. Functional wellness differs from standard medicine in its approach to hypothyroidism and other chronic health conditions. The goal isn’t to mask symptoms.

The focus is on finding the underlying reasons for symptoms and then working to correct imbalances and address dysfunctions as needed to bring about improvements in the patient’s health.Functional wellness views the body as a whole and investigates how all parts of it are functioning.

Hypothyroidism is a great example of why this works to a patient’s advantage. Nearly all patients who have hypothyroidism also have the autoimmune condition known as Hashimoto’s disease. Hashimoto’s is the cause of the thyroid problem; thyroid tissue and hormone is under attack by the body’s own immune system.

If you have Hashimoto’s and the only care you receive is medication aimed at balancing TSH levels, it’s very likely you’ll continue to feel worse instead of better. Thyroid medicine does nothing to address the underlying cause of the thyroid problem—the autoimmune condition.

Autoimmune flare ups and inflammation throughout your body are left to continue to cause discomfort and deteriorating health and do more and more damage to your thyroid along the way.A holistic approach that focuses on finding and addressing the root cause of your thyroid problem can help you feel better with safe, natural and effective care. If you’d like to put an end to symptoms once and for all and do the best you possibly can to achieve and sustain optimal wellness, work with a practitioner who is trained in functional wellness care.

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