BEST Underactive Thyroid Care

BEST Underactive Thyroid Care in Greenville SC

Functional wellness care is an excellent choice for those struggling with low thyroid, or who think they may have a thyroid problem that’s gone undetected. Traditional health care focuses on thyroid disorders in a way that tends to be quite narrow. Care may appear to be customized, because drug therapy is based on blood work that’s unique to the patient. This is more of a one-size-fits-all approach than it seems unfortunately, because aside from medications, practitioners in conventional medicine have little to offer thyroid patients. When medications fail to help them feel better, there’s nothing more they can do.

Functional wellness doesn’t simply focus on masking symptoms. Of course, every patient wants to feel their best, and this means relief from symptoms like depression, fatigue, difficulties with sleep and low libido. The fullest, longest-lasting type of relief involves addressing their root cause. If you have a broken bone, pain reliever may help you feel better, but it won’t resolve the problem or help your body heal.

In a similar way, there are reasons for chronic health conditions like low thyroid. You may have been told you feel lousy because of low thyroid function, and that medication that replaces ‘missing’ thyroid hormone will correct the imbalance. But it’s unlikely you were told why this is happening—the reason for thyroid dysfunction. A practitioner who is trained in functional wellness will seek out that underlying reason, and then develop a plan of care that can address it. As balance and function are restored throughout the body, symptoms will naturally fade.

Functional wellness care does not rely on medications to restore balance and facilitate optimal function throughout the body. Instead, natural care supports the body’s innate ability to heal. This often involves correcting nutritional deficiencies that may be occurring, healing the gut through a special diet, a healthy detox, and other lifestyle interventions that facilitate hormone balance and healthy function in the liver, adrenal glands and much more.

Low thyroid isn’t an isolated health issue that involves only the thyroid. Thyroid function impacts and may be affected by many other health conditions, including autoimmune disease. If you want to feel your best, everything has to work properly in the body in harmony—together as a whole. Functional wellness involves a comprehensive approach to health and wellness, one that often gets better results than medication alone or other types of narrowly focused alternative care.

Functional wellness practitioners take advantage of today’s latest research and technology to help patients as fully as possible. They’re committed to helping patients through care that is truly customized and to educating their patients about their condition, physiology and how they may best care for their own bodies and health independently long term.

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