Important Thyroid Questions To Ask Your Doctor

Important Thyroid Questions To Ask Your Doctor in Greenville SC

When it comes time to meet with your care provider to ask questions about your thyroid health, it’s important to prepare ahead of time. One of the best ways to do this is by writing down questions you’d like the answers to, such as what their experience is when it comes to working with thyroid problems. If you’re not sure which other questions you should ask or answers you should look for, use the information below to help.

1. How Do You Find Out What’s Causing My Thyroid Problem?

When you see a traditional care provider for help with your thyroid, they’ll likely answer this by telling you they offer basic thyroid tests. The problem with these is that they don’t uncover anything but imbalances with thyroid hormones. This could leave you with more questions than you started with, as there could be a number of other health issues contributing to your symptoms and thyroid problems.

If you want to uncover the root cause of your thyroid problem, then meeting with an alternative care provider such as a functional wellness practitioner is essential. They will answer this question by explaining the comprehensive tests they use to determine the deficiencies, deficits, imbalances, or other health concerns that are contributing to your thyroid problem.

2. What Types of Thyroid Solutions Do You Use?

The answer that most traditional care providers will give you is that they use medications for certain patients. Unfortunately these can cause side effects and can be ineffective as well. This is why so many patients who take them are left never feeling better and wondering why their thyroid medications aren’t helping.

If you are more interested in natural and drug-free solutions, then a functional wellness practitioner is more likely to give you the answer you’d like. This is because they only use natural solutions that are meant to heal the issues contributing to your symptoms.

3. Are Thyroid Hormone Levels Your Main Focus?

Traditional care providers are more likely to solely focus on thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), which reveal the number of hormones your thyroid is making. While it’s important to look at these numbers, focusing solely on them can mean missing out on other issues affecting the thyroid.

If you want to look at your health as a whole and all issues that could be causing you to experience thyroid problems, then working with a functional wellness practitioner is essential. They use a full range of tests outside of TSH levels to determine what’s really going on with your body.

What Do You Want From Health Care?

It’s important to ask questions to determine which type of care provider is ideal for you. While these are a great starting point, don’t forget to add in any questions that are important for you to know. By doing so, you’ll have a better understanding of what to expect and can choose the right type of care provider for you.

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