Thorough Testing for Thyroid Disorders

Thorough Testing for Thyroid Disorders in Greenville SC

In order to deal with a thyroid disorder, the first step for every patient is to receive testing. Unfortunately this is where most people suffer a setback because they visit traditional physicians who only offer basic thyroid testing. While helpful for some, the problem with this is the fact that it won’t detect all the different thyroid patterns, which could easily mean missing out on vital thyroid health information.

This is why it’s worth your time to seek help from an alternative care provider who focuses on thorough thyroid testing. Functional wellness practitioners are excellent resources that understand the importance of such testing as well as in-depth care.

What to Expect with Thorough Testing

Whether you have yet to receive thyroid testing, or you’ve had the most basic tests done, it’s important to understand what comes next with thorough testing. Because functional wellness practitioners prioritize evidence-based care, they leave no stone un-turned when helping patients. This is why they utilize so many different types of tests, which include but are not limited to:

– Extensive Blood Tests

– Saliva Panels

– Urine Analysis

– Stool Screening

What do these tests have in common? They provide your wellness practitioner with a clearer view of what’s going on inside of your body. The results will point out dysfunctions, deficiencies, imbalances, conditions, and any other issues that could be contributing to your thyroid disorder. This will then allow your practitioner to identify the root cause of what’s going on so they can help you address those issues.

Finding Solutions for Your Thyroid Disorder

Once your wellness practitioner has more information about your thyroid disorder, they’ll know which solutions you can benefit from the most. These will be tailored to you specifically and based on your body. This is far different from what you’d experience with some traditional care providers. In addition to this, they will use natural solutions rather than those that are medication-based. Although it’s impossible to say which will be right for you until testing has been completed, some solutions that may be recommended include:

– Nutrition Changes

– Supplement Intake

– Exercise

– Addressing Hormonal Changes

– Addressing Conditions and Dysfunctions

Understanding What Comes Next

Once you’ve received your wellness plan from your practitioner, you’ll need to commit to the changes and solutions that they recommend. This may include some permanent lifestyle changes.

If you’re ready to experience how thorough testing can help improve your overall health, then meet with a functional wellness practitioner today.

Schedule your thyroid consultation today and learn how we may be able to help your thyroid symptoms.