Underactive Thyroid Care

Underactive Thyroid Care in Greenville SC

Dealing with an underactive thyroid isn’t as straightforward as most people think it will be. While some can go to their general care provider and receive a prescription to balance out their hormone levels, others are left in a seemingly endless cycle of not feeling well. If you can relate to struggling with your health, then seeing a functional wellness practitioner may help. These care providers offer comprehensive thyroid care that goes far beyond what is offered by many traditional doctors.

Do You Have an Underactive Thyroid?

To answer this question, comprehensive testing is needed. Functional wellness practitioners make this a standard part of their care because they want to understand your body as a whole. By providing an array of tests, they take the focus off the thyroid so any underlying issues that may be impacting it can be identified. Once they have the results, they will know for certain whether your thyroid is the problem or there are other issues that are impacting how it’s able to function.

What’s the Right Type of Care for Me?

If you’re tired of being given prescription medications that don’t actually resolve your thyroid problem and instead leave you feeling the same, a functional wellness practitioner may be able to help. Their drug-free approach is designed to heal the issues in your body that are manifesting themselves into various symptoms. If you’d like to play a bigger role in caring for yourself and truly giving your body what it needs to work properly, then functional wellness is ideal for you.

– Your First Appointment

Your first appointment with a functional wellness practitioner will be different from what you’re used to, as they are incredibly thorough. From asking about your symptoms to learning about your concerns, this longer appointment ensures this type of care is right for you. From there, your practitioner will recommend tests that help uncover why you’ve been feeling the way that you do.

– Learning Your Results

Once your practitioner has reviewed your results, they will discuss the imbalances, dysfunctions, conditions, deficits and any other health issues they have found. While this might be overwhelming, it’s the point when you will finally know what’s going on in your body and with your thyroid.

– Your Personalized Wellness Plan

One of the most beneficial parts of seeing a functional wellness practitioner is the personalized wellness plan they will provide you with. This will include drug-free solutions that heal dysfunctions, correct imbalances and encourage your body to function at a more optimal level.

As you commit to your plan, you’ll regularly meet with your practitioner to update your test results. While you might begin to feel better, the results will show you actual evidence of how your health is improving. In turn, this may lead to reduced symptoms and feeling better overall. While it’s clear that dealing with an underactive thyroid is complex, it’s possible with the help of a wellness practitioner.

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