Answers To Low Thyroid Questions

Answers To Low Thyroid Questions In Greenville SC

Do you suspect you have a thyroid problem due to symptoms like weight gain and an inability to lose weight, thinning hair, a lack of a healthy sex drive or other issues? Have you recently been told you have low thyroid or a hyperthyroid condition? Maybe you know you have a thyroid problem, but the care you’re receiving doesn’t seem to be helping with symptoms. It’s important for anyone who has a thyroid condition or who even thinks they might have one to choose their health practitioner wisely.

Thyroid conditions are complex, although thyroid patients aren’t always aware of it—especially when they first undergo therapeutic support for thyroid symptoms. Typically, a patient visits their primary care physician due to a weight problem, excessive fatigue, or as mentioned above, low libido or hair loss. They’re tested for low thyroid. If lab work points to a low functioning thyroid, they’re put on medication. Synthetic thyroid hormone is commonly used in such cases in an effort to help low thyroid patients feel better.

Unfortunately, thyroid replacement medication does not always help patients feel better. Or it may seem to help temporarily, but the patient fails to feel good or normal for very long. The practitioner may adjust the medication dosage, try a different medication, or try multiple medications in an effort to alleviate symptoms. More medication does not help and may even make the patient feel worse as the result of side-effects.

What’s needed is a much more specific evaluation and customized therapeutic support. Thyroid evaluation requires comprehensive testing—testing that can get to the root cause of your symptoms and reveal crucial details about your thyroid condition if you have one. Thyroid patients are also likely to achieve the best possible results with therapeutic support that is natural. Even if you’ve taken thyroid medication long-term because it’s essential for you to do so, it’s likely you can feel much better with a comprehensive approach that goes beyond thyroid hormone replacement.

In order to get the full evaluation and personalized care you really need as a thyroid patient, you have to find and work with the right health care practitioner. Ask the following questions when you’re seeking support for your thyroid concerns or symptoms:

  1. Are you trained in functional wellness and health care?

A practitioner who is trained in functional wellness will evaluate your condition fully, measuring and analyzing function throughout your body and overall. This is the type of holistic or “whole body” approach to evaluation you need.

  1. Can you tell me what the real cause of my thyroid problem is?

A functional wellness practitioner will insist on seeking out and finding the root causes of your condition and why you feel the way you do. This investigation is crucial to determining how you can be helped, because it points to areas that need to be brought into balance or to heal.

  1. Can you help me without prescribing medication?

The type of therapeutic support a functional wellness practitioner provides is completely natural. You will not be prescribed any medications, and you won’t struggle with side-effects either.

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