Thyroid Relief

Thyroid Relief in Greenville SC

The thyroid is the small butterfly-shaped gland in your neck that makes very important hormones. These hormones carry out a number of critical functions throughout your body. However, if your thyroid is not healthy and isn’t making the required amounts of thyroid hormones to keep you feeling normal, this can negatively impact your body and health in many ways.

When you have low thyroid, the cells, tissues and organs in your body won’t have the levels of hormones that they need to thrive. These imbalances can manifest through a number of outward symptoms which you may experience depending on how long you’ve had the condition without appropriate management.

Common symptoms include feelings of fatigue, sluggishness, weight gain, hair loss, depression, low libido, dry skin and many others. Whatever symptoms you are experiencing, the important thing is to get the right support to restore the health of your thyroid. Proper intervention is needed to prevent your condition from getting worse.

Taking advantage of thyroid care with a functional wellness practitioner can help you get past the challenges of having low thyroid by getting help to restore thyroid function. Conventional hormone replacement may not be enough and you might still end up feeling unwell. That’s because it often doesn’t address the underlying source of your thyroid condition, which often has a link to lifestyle and dietary factors.

On the other hand a practitioner that is educated in functional wellness acknowledges this important connection and seeks to address the underlying causes of your condition. They are interested in helping you make lifestyle, dietary and nutritional adjustments that will help your body fight and overcome your thyroid problems naturally. For example, the most common cause of low thyroid, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis – an autoimmune condition that causes destruction of cells of the thyroid gland – can be managed by making necessary changes to your diet and nutrition.

Providing you with personalized attention, advice and therapy will ensure you get the proper care and thyroid relief you need. It’s not about just making sure your thyroid levels are back to normal. It’s also about making sure that your body has caught up and recovered from the effects of having low thyroid in the first place. That is why management of your low thyroid condition is aimed at helping your body recover and gain strength, which allows your thyroid function and overall health to get better hand in hand.

Many functional wellness options involve promoting the body’s natural healing abilities to help you overcome your low thyroid condition. Functional wellness approaches play an important role as they are designed to remove obstacles that get in the way of the healing process and provide your body with energy to heal. They are also effective when it comes to providing symptom relief.

Achieving overall health and wellness is the goal of a practitioner that is educated in functional wellness. A personalized regimen that includes a nutritional program and testing can go a long way, in helping address the underlying cause of your low thyroid. Together with the right practitioner you can find thyroid relief that will alleviate symptoms, boost your health, and improve your quality of life.

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