Thyroid Help for Weight Gain

Thyroid Help for Weight Gain in Greenville SC

In recent years, there has been a major push for people to eat healthier. From banning soda to removing snack machines from grade schools, people are significantly more health conscious than they were even a decade ago. It seems that everything today is marked as “all natural” or “low calorie,” appealing to our desire to eat well and lose weight. This can make it confusing when a person thinks they should be losing weight when they are actually gaining it. If you have found that are eating better but are not seeing any weight loss, it could be a sign of a thyroid condition.

The thyroid is part of the endocrine system, which regulates the glands in the body. These glands send hormones through the blood to organs, helping regulate their function. The thyroid is perhaps the most important of these glands because the hormone it produces affects hormone sensitivity throughout the body. This means that if the thyroid is not functioning properly, it will lead to problems with almost all other systems in the body.

Additionally, it regulates metabolism throughout the body, which is how fast the body digests food and converts it to energy. This means that you could be eating healthy, taking in fewer calories than you should be, but you’re still not losing weight. If your body is not converting that food into energy, it is stored as fat. This can be extremely frustrating for someone who is making good decisions but not seeing results. If the thyroid is not producing the hormone needed for proper metabolism, then your body simply isn’t getting the instructions it needs.

Fortunately, this process may be corrected by altering the diet. Even otherwise healthy foods can lead to problems if the body does not have the nutrition it needs to function properly. Because each person’s body is different, a person needs to sit down with a practitioner that is well trained in functional wellness. They will be able to find the nutrients that the body is lacking. Through blood and saliva tests, hormonal imbalances can be identified and managed through changes in the diet.

Some people respond well to a gluten-free diet. People who remove gluten from their diet have been shown to have a lower overall rate of hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid). Similarly, introducing foods rich in iodine can work to get the thyroid the nutrients it needs to function properly. Foods like salmon, kale, and cod liver oil can be incorporated into the diet to get the thyroid working properly.

A practitioner that is skilled in functional wellness can identify exactly what is happening within your body and find any imbalances that may exist and provide guidance. Instead of treating the thyroid with harsh drugs that can have serious side effects, all-natural techniques may be effective in helping a person lose weight. By creating a diet specifically tailored for you, you may just feel like your old self again. To identify any nutritional needs in your body and to manage any thyroid issues you may have, contact a chiropractor that is skilled in functional wellness today.

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