BEST Help for Hashimoto’s Disease

Greenville SC BEST Help for Hashimoto’s Disease

Functional wellness care is a unique alternative to traditional healthcare that can be very effective in managing Hashimoto’s disease. Instead of focusing on the effects of Hashimoto’s on the thyroid gland in isolation, functional wellness considers the individual as a whole.

This means all systems within the body that may be involved in or affected by the disease are fully evaluated. Root causes of symptoms and the inflammation that results from the disease are identified through in-depth testing and analysis. Functional wellness goes way beyond checking thyroid function and thyroid hormone levels in seeking solutions for patients.

If you have Hashimoto’s, it’s likely you have or will develop hypothyroid symptoms. In conventional medicine, the solution to weight problems, fatigue, hair loss, low libido and the whole range of diverse symptoms you may struggle with is thyroid medication.

Thyroid medication is used in an attempt to bring thyroid hormones within a normal range of values. Yet whether or not that goal is achieved, the patient will still have symptoms related to autoimmunity.

Thyroid medicine does nothing to address autoimmune attacks on thyroid tissue, and it doesn’t help with inflammation. Symptoms are likely to escalate as Hashimoto’s advances, so the patient feels even worse over time.

Thyroid medication cannot balance the immune system, and it is not very effective in controlling low thyroid symptoms for Hashimoto’s patients, either. A practitioner who is trained in functional wellness understands this and will invest the time and effort it takes to sort out exactly what is triggering the autoimmune response in the first place.

The specific ways the inflammation involved in the body’s autoimmune response has affected the body of the Hashimoto’s patient are also carefully evaluated. Hashimoto’s is associated with many different health problems, including leaky gut syndrome, adrenal fatigue, problems with glucose metabolism, infertility and much more.

Each piece of this complex condition must be sorted out for every patient, as no two cases are alike. Then, specific imbalances and dysfunctions can be addressed with effective therapeutic support so the patient can begin to heal and feel better.

Functional wellness practitioners develop customized care plans for their patients that include safe, natural therapies proven to produce measurable results. There is a lot Hashimoto’s patients can do to support their own healing and best health.

Lifestyle modifications, including targeted dietary changes and stress management, can make a profound difference in minimizing autoimmune response flare-ups. When you work with a functional wellness practitioner, you’ll be educated on how to care for your own health, including why what you’re doing works, and why it is essential to keep doing it.

As a Hashimoto’s patient, you don’t have to rely on medications to try to alleviate symptoms. You can work with a functional wellness practitioner to prevent flare-ups and symptoms instead. Hashimoto’s disease cannot be fully resolved, but it can be effectively controlled, leading to a better quality of life.

The comprehensive, personalized approach functional wellness care takes to Hashimoto’s can make a profound difference in how you feel and help you achieve optimal wellness long-term.

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