Signs You Might Have Low Thyroid

Greenville SC Thyroid Clinic Shares – Signs You Might Have Low Thyroid

Do you know they signs and symptoms of low thyroid? Would you be surprised to learn that there are lots of symptoms and they come in a wide variety? Some symptoms are ones which may not even make you think of thyroid dysfunction as the cause. Each person can have a separate, unique case of low thyroid and may only have a symptom or two in common. This does not mean that only one of them has low thyroid. It simply means that the human body can be complicated.

Because of this, it is very important that you do not leave your health or the state of your thyroid up to guesswork and assumptions. If you have any of the following symptoms, you should call for an appointment so that you can get some tests performed, and receive a clear picture of how well your thyroid is functioning.

If your thyroid is operating in a slow, sluggish state it can affect you from head to toe. It turns out that your thyroid is responsible for regulating many processes in your body. It performs these functions every day, so if the thyroid is not working efficiently, you will notice the dysfunction in every area that the thyroid regulates.

Weight Gain – For instance, the thyroid is responsible for metabolism. When a person eats food, the body uses what it can for fuel and then stores the extra fuel to use at a later time. The thyroid is also responsible for getting rid of bodily waste in an efficient manner. So if a person’s thyroid is not working like it should, then their bodies will choose to store more extra food as fat, instead of burning it as fuel. It will also choose not to eliminate waste as often as it should. Have you been gaining weight very easily lately, even though you keep to a strict diet and you exercise regularly? Have you noticed that you are constipated a lot lately? These two symptoms are very large indicators of low thyroid problem.

Other signs of a low thyroid are fatigue and depression. They often occur at the same time, but no two people are identical, which means that if three people had low thyroid, it is possible that one had fatigue, the second person had depression, and the third person had both. It is important to understand that fatigue means a level of being tired that you may have never felt before. You have no energy to do anything, not even activities that you enjoy. This is where depression comes in. In addition to being too tired to enjoy your hobbies, you may notice that you have lost interest in doing them at all, even if you had the energy.

Another symptom of low thyroid is intolerance of cold temperatures. You may feel cold even when no one else does. If you have noticed any of the symptoms described in this article, then call today for an appointment so you can get the answers you are looking for.

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