Natural Solutions To Thyroid Care

Natural Solutions To Thyroid Care in Greenville SC

Has finding the right solutions for your thyroid problem become a game of changing medications? For most, this situation has become all too familiar. This is why natural solutions have become more sought after by those who are dealing with thyroid conditions. Fortunately, there are options out there that don’t require a prescription or the risk of dangerous side effects. However, they do require a partnership with a care provider that offers a natural approach. Functional wellness practitioners do just this, with help for thyroid patients that is drug free.

What Are Your Options?

Some of the most common natural solutions for thyroid issues are listed below. However, it’s important to note that different solutions work for different people. Why? Because no two thyroid problems are the same. While they might sound the same or cause similar symptoms, the causes can be completely different. From the tiniest nutrient deficiency to a complex hormonal imbalance, there are thousands of issues that can impact the thyroid and its ability to properly function within the body. It’s because of this that you’ll want to have personalized testing to determine which natural solutions are suitable for you.

– Dietary Improvements

When you improve your diet by replacing high sugar/high fat foods with those that are natural and lean, you may find that many of your symptoms begin to dissipate. From less brain fog to more energy, the nutrients in healthier foods can help boost your thyroid function. To determine which nutrients you may be deficient in specifically, customized testing is critical.

– Reduce Stress

Individuals who are chronically stressed can actually trigger hypothyroidism through the increase in the hormone cortisol. Too much of this can interfere with the thyroid’s ability to function and, in turn, that can interrupt the thyroid hormone levels within the body.

– Avoid Food Allergies

If you suspect that you have food allergies, it’s important to avoid those foods until you’ve had the appropriate testing. If you’re regularly ingesting foods you’re allergic to, this could be causing inflammation in your body and problems within your gut. These issues could both inhibit your thyroid’s ability to function.

– Exercise

Exercise is an excellent way to reduce stress, keep weight down, and sleep better at night. All three of these things are crucial for a healthy thyroid.

– Evaluate Medications

It’s important to continue taking any medications that have been prescribed to you. However, because some medications can cause problems with thyroid hormone production, it’s important to discuss which you should take with your health care provider.

Playing a Role in Your Thyroid Care

Natural solutions to improve your thyroid function require you to play a more active role in your overall health. While your wellness practitioner will be there to help, the changes made on a day-to-day basis are completely up to you. Fortunately, if you are serious about making natural care a priority, this hard work may very well pay off with fewer symptoms and a healthier thyroid.

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