Natural Help For Hashimoto’s

Natural Help For Hashimoto’s in Greenville SC

Patients often learn they have Hashimoto’s disease almost as if it’s a secondary problem. They’re seeking care for a thyroid condition, and end up learning they have an autoimmune condition, too. Hashimoto’s involves the attack of the body’s immune system on the thyroid. Symptoms of a thyroid condition result as the thyroid is compromised. Most often, health care providers focus on low thyroid or hyperthyroid symptoms and attempt to help the patient feel better through medication.

Synthetic thyroid hormone is the medication typically used to try to control thyroid symptoms. The dosage is determined based on levels of thyroid stimulating hormone. TSH levels are tested, and when they fall within a normal range, care is considered successful. Unfortunately, synthetic thyroid hormone medication does nothing to help the patient’s autoimmune condition. Damage to the thyroid is left to continue unchecked; so are symptoms of Hashimoto’s. One reason Hashimoto’s isn’t addressed is because there is no easy ‘fix’ for it in the form of a pill or other simple remedy.

If you know you have Hashimoto’s or you suspect you do, it’s important to be evaluated and to manage your condition properly. Hashimoto’s disease does not resolve on its own. Left unchecked it progresses, and you’re likely to feel worse over time as damage to your thyroid continues. Thyroid medication may appear to have stabilized your condition if you’re taking it and find you feel better.

But in time, you may require increased dosages of the medication to continue to feel okay. Side effects may become problematic, or it’s possible the medicine eventually fails to help you at all. Hashimoto’s involves its own set of symptoms, many of which prove impossible to resolve until the autoimmune response is controlled.

Instead of ignoring the autoimmune problem and waiting for their condition to worsen, Hashimoto’s patients can get the support they need from the right practitioner. A practitioner who is trained in functional wellness care can help the body heal and recover by providing the natural support it needs to do so. It is possible to control the chronic inflammation associated with Hashimoto’s. When the autoimmune response is managed, many of the disease’s symptoms fade and resolve.

In-depth testing is the key to identifying what’s causing the autoimmune response Hashimoto’s involves. Sometimes sensitivities to foods are involved, or it may be toxins or substances in the environment are triggering inflammation. Finding these triggers requires careful, methodical investigation.

It’s important for every aspect of your health that may be involved with or exacerbating your condition to be examined and addressed. This might include hormone imbalances, gut issues, and neurological dysfunctions. Standard medical care providers may not be equipped or trained to undertake the level of testing and analysis the full evaluation of a Hashimoto’s case demands. Functional wellness care providers are, and they’re also able to create a customized plan of natural therapeutic support to help you feel better as you improve your health.

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