Low Thyroid Solutions

Greenville SC Low Thyroid Solutions

Most people are under the assumption that the only low thyroid solution out there is to take medications. And while this does help some people with this problem, it’s certainly not the only viable solution. There are many others out there that can be very effective for improving your health. Interested in seeing what these are? The first thing you’ll need to do is meet with a functional wellness practitioner to discuss your individual thyroid problem.

Finding Your Solutions

Functional wellness practitioners combine great care with personalized service to ensure their patients receive well-rounded assistance. While you might have felt like just another number with your regular care provider, this won’t be the case with a wellness practitioner. They only offer individualized care because they realize the solutions that work for someone else may not work for you, depending on the root cause of the problem. From the very start they’ll get to know your health history but will also give you extensive testing that you’ve likely never received before.

All of that testing might be a lot to get through, but once it’s finished you’ll be ready to explore your solution options. These will depend on what individual dysfunctions, imbalances and other health issues you’re suffering from, so it’s impossible to know which will be best until your test results come back. However, some of the most common low thyroid solutions that functional wellness practitioners recommend include:

1. Addressing Imbalances and Deficiencies

Sometimes there are imbalances and deficiencies within the body that cause the thyroid to dysfunction. If your wellness practitioner notices either of these issues, they will create a plan that may help balance them out.

2. Adjustments to Diet

For many people dietary adjustments are needed to help the thyroid start functioning better. And while it can be challenging to determine which changes to make on your own, it won’t be when you have a wellness practitioner helping you. Their extensive knowledge and comprehensive testing will help pinpoint exactly what you need in your diet.

3. Stress Relief

If you’re always stressed out this could have an effect on your thyroid and overall health. Your practitioner will address this if they notice there are communication problems between your thyroid gland and brain during your testing

Discovering Your Best Low Thyroid Solutions

These are just a few of the solutions that have been found to be effective for low thyroid patients. Are you wondering what’s right for you? A functional wellness practitioner can help you learn more by giving you their full panel of tests. If they are able to help you, the wellness plan you are given will be created to your health individually, and that can mean embracing solutions that may help you improve many aspects of your health.

Schedule your thyroid consultation today and learn how we may be able to help your thyroid symptoms.