The Connection Between Functional Wellness And Low Thyroid

Greenville SC Thyroid Clinic Explains The Connection Between Functional Wellness And Low Thyroid

Functional wellness care has become an increasingly popular choice for individuals looking to address their low thyroid issues in a more effective manner. If this is something you’re considering, you likely have many questions related to the connection between this form of care and low thyroid issues. To provide you with more insight so you can determine if functional wellness is right for you, common questions and helpful answers are listed below.

What is Functional Wellness?

This is a drug-free form of healthcare that uses an evidence-based approach to provide effective care to patients. Rather than prescribing medications that numb the symptoms of low thyroid, practitioners in this field dig deep to find the underlying causes of the symptoms themselves. This difference in care is refreshing for individuals who simply want to find out why they’ve been experiencing low thyroid issues without any relief.

Why is it Useful for Low Thyroid Problems?

Traditional physicians are great resources for many health issues, but with the thyroid in particular, they are limited with the number of tests that they have. This is why so few people benefit from low thyroid medications, as they are only suitable for a very small percentage of low thyroid patients. With functional wellness practitioners helping you instead, you’ll be given a wide variety of tests and exams that take a full picture of your total health. The results will point out any imbalances, deficiencies, and deficits that could be contributing to your low thyroid and other symptoms.

When was the last time you received answers to why you feel the way that you do? Most traditional care providers just prescribe medications to numb the pain or irritation from symptoms, which never resolves the root cause of the issue. When you switch to functional wellness care instead, you will finally get the answers you’ve been looking for. Wellness practitioners do not guess but instead use evidence that only comes from your individual test results.

Experiencing Functional Wellness

Your body is a machine that encompasses thousands of working parts to keep it functioning. When just one of those parts stops working as it should, it can disrupt many others, including the thyroid. When a functional wellness practitioner steps in to help, they work hard to find which of those parts need to be addressed. This eliminates guessing and ensures you are given solutions that are specific to your body’s health issues. In time this may mean feeling better and seeing your symptoms dissipate, all without the use of dangerous medications.

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