Low Thyroid And The Inability To Lose Weight

Greenville SC Thyroid Clinic Discusses – Low Thyroid And The Inability To Lose Weight

So you’ve bought the workout clothes, the running shoes and the gym membership. You’re running five to six times a week. You’ve even dusted off the old treadmill and stationary bike and are now disciplined and vigilant about using them. You’ve sworn off all things that resemble a carb or any high calorie foods.

You’ve given up desserts, red meat, your nightly glass or two of wine. Traditional Sunday brunch is now a thing of the past. Clearly you’re a person well on their way to losing weight. So you may be asking,  “After all these positive life changes why am I still the same weight I was six weeks ago?

You may have sought help by visiting your general practice doctor and he or she has brushed you off by saying, “Well ya’ know you’re not as young as you used to be. Cut down on your calorie intake and move more.” Well now your frustration level rises because you feel like you were generically treated. The key here is to visit a doctor that listens and takes the time and effort to find solutions.

We all know losing weight can be frustrating, annoying and difficult. Add to that frustration, that you’re doing everything the experts advise and yet the weight and subsequent sluggish mood just won’t go away. If you’ve tried to lose weight and are struggling and you’re out of motivation and ideas, there is a possibility that your metabolism is out of balance.

Your thyroid gland is responsible for regulating hormones that help with your metabolism. If your metabolism is out of balance you will find it difficult to lose weight. You’ll also feel lifeless and apathetic, which could make working out even more unattractive. This lethargy can lead to even more weight gain. This disruption of hormones can certainly disrupt your energy level, your attitude and eventually your daily life.

The best thing a person can do if they find themselves in this predicament is to call in someone who focuses on low thyroid issues. If you suspect that your thyroid may be the reason for your lack of results, you might what to check with a thyroid clinic for answers. With the help of someone who is precisely informed you will be able to find answers to your questions.

Someone who focuses on low thyroid will be able to pinpoint correctly whether your metabolism is a result of low thyroid. If so, he or she will be able to set a course of action for relief of the problem.  The inability to lose weight is a common symptom of low thyroid, and luckily it’s treatable.

Along with getting the answers you need, they may help you develop a diet and exercise program. A program that will help you shed those excess pounds. They will help you develop and implement a program that will be monitored so you can be assured you’re not trying to solve your weight issue in an unhealthy, ineffective manner.

There is simply no reason to suffer with the inability to lose weight. If you’re willing to seek out a low thyroid specialist who can help, you’ll be well on your way to shedding those pounds. With the new weight loss you’ll have more energy, which in turn will make you want to move more. Getting to the root of the thyroid problem is the first step in developing this new weight loss mission.

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