Complete Care For Underactive Thyroid

Complete Care For Underactive Thyroid in Greenville SC

Are you struggling with thyroid symptoms that interfere with your lifestyle, work—how you feel day to day? Maybe you’ve sought out care and are already on medication for low thyroid, but you still have symptoms.

It’s frustrating, but not uncommon for thyroid patients to continue to feel terrible even though they’re taking medicine and their lab tests say it’s working. What can you do when you’re sure something’s being missed? How can you get the care you need to finally feel yourself again?

Functional wellness care is a great choice if standard medical care seems to have failed to help you with a thyroid condition. You may have been told there’s nothing more that needs to be done for you, or that can be done for you. This is not the case if you have an underactive thyroid and you’re still struggling with uncomfortable or even debilitating symptoms.

As a low thyroid patient, you need to work with a practitioner who is dedicated to finding the root cause of your condition. This goes beyond identifying an underactive thyroid as the reason you have symptoms based on TSH test results.

Testing TSH levels is part of evaluating a thyroid condition, but it is only a fraction of the information your practitioner can use to understand your condition. What is causing your abnormal TSH level? Is it really an underactive thyroid, or is it something else? If it’s an underactive thyroid, why is your thyroid failing to function?

The thyroid is involved in virtually every physiological process in your body. Sorting out the causes of your condition and its full effects on hormones, glands, organs and systems throughout your body is not easy. Comprehensive testing and very careful, in-depth analysis of the results and your entire health history are necessary for a full evaluation.

A functional wellness practitioner will invest the time it takes to order and analyze all of the tests you need, and will have the training and expertise required to make a comprehensive assessment.

The goal of functional wellness care isn’t to adjust TSH levels so they fall within a certain range. It aims to uncover the root cause of the thyroid patient’s health problem and symptoms, and then help the body to heal itself through natural therapeutic support.

There is no ‘wait and see’ guessing game about your care, as there may seem to be with drug therapy. Your care will be based on your body’s precise needs, and customized care is often very efficient in the way it helps people feel.

When you work with a practitioner who is trained in functional wellness, you can look forward to a partnership that’s designed to enable you to achieve optimal wellness. You’ll feel better because you are healthier—and you’ll learn how to sustain the gains and improvements in how you feel long term.

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