How to Find Relief From Thyroid Symptoms

How to Find Relief From Thyroid Symptoms in Greenville SC

Do you experience headaches two or more days a week? Do suffer from joint or muscle pain frequently? Are you plagued with anxiety or depression? Do you have difficulty going to sleep and staying asleep at night? Do you feel exhausted before the end of the day, even after a full night’s sleep? Are you aware that all of these symptoms can indicate a thyroid condition?

Traditional medicine will typically treat thyroid conditions with a synthetic hormone replacement medication. However, many patients find that even with thyroid medication they are still experiencing their symptoms. Why does this happen? Because the root cause of the condition is being overlooked. Unfortunately, traditional practitioners usually base their diagnosis on TSH testing alone when there are actually many different markers that should be tested in order to properly diagnose a thyroid condition. Did you know that medication is only effective for one of those thyroid markers?

The bad news is that a thyroid condition left unmanaged can lead to more severe symptoms and more serious health concerns. The good news is that with the proper care and guidance you can effectively manage a thyroid condition. You can reclaim your health and begin to alleviate your symptoms. You can even learn to manage your condition on your own. The first step is finding the right practitioner to work with.

Functional wellness trains its practitioners to begin all care with comprehensive testing as well as a thorough physical examination. They are evaluating the body as a whole operating system rather than just a set of isolated symptoms. Functional wellness is the study of why. Why do you have a thyroid condition in the first place? Gathering this information will help them determine the root cause of your thyroid disorder and then create a customized care plan that is based on your individual needs.

Customized care is really the best way for you to achieve long-term results. The “one size fits all” model for care that is found in traditional medicine is not working for most patients. We know this because thyroid conditions have been on the rise in America over the past few years. With an estimated 20 million Americans currently suffering from thyroid dysfunction, and around 13 million who are undiagnosed or misdiagnosed, it is clear that it’s time to seek out other options for thyroid care.

Functional wellness care is a model of care that provides patients with comprehensive and customized care. Patients are educated about their condition so that they have the knowledge and the tools to manage their own health and make the right decisions for their own needs. Learn how functional wellness can help you change your health and your life.

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