How Functional Medicine Can Help With Hypothyroidism

Functional Medicine Help For Hypothyroidism In Greenville SC

Are you still struggling with low thyroid symptoms even though you’re taking thyroid medication? Maybe you believe you have hypothyroidism, but you’ve been told tests show you don’t. There are multiple reasons women and men find themselves seeking care for low thyroid that goes beyond what they’ve been able to obtain through standard medicine. Functional wellness care is a great choice for thyroid care that can help you feel your best through natural therapeutic support.

A practitioner who is trained in functional wellness will go far beyond the standard types of testing done for thyroid evaluation. Most often, health care providers test a patient’s thyroid stimulating hormone level, or TSH, to determine whether or not there is a thyroid problem. If it’s determined TSH levels are outside of what’s considered a normal range, the patient may be put on medication. TSH levels are also tested to determine whether or not thyroid medication is working for low thyroid patients, depending on whether or not it is able to bring TSH within normal range.

Unfortunately, this type of testing can be quite inadequate. For one thing, ‘normal’ TSH ranges associated with typical tests do not help patients who fall just outside of that range. They also do not explain why TSH levels may be abnormal, or why thyroid function is low if it’s determined that it is. Is it really a case of a dysfunctional thyroid, or are TSH levels abnormal due to something else entirely? There’s no way to tell simply by looking at lab values. A functional wellness practitioner will rely on multiple tests to evaluate thyroid function fully.

Comprehensive testing can reveal why a patient who is struggling with thyroid symptoms feels the way they do. In other words, it can point to the cause of the symptoms—why there is a thyroid problem in the first place. This isn’t something that can be addressed by checking TSH levels. Rather, it involves in-depth investigation of function in multiple systems throughout the body.

Thyroid function isn’t something that is simply ‘on’ or ‘off.’ The body does not consist of multiple parts or pieces that function independently: it works as a whole. Hypothyroidism often involves problems with multiple systems, glands and organs. In order to feel better, everything that is involved must be addressed. Functional wellness care will address every aspect of your thyroid condition, so you’ll recover as fully as possible. You won’t be expected to feel better due to an adjustment in a lab value, or because symptoms are being masked by a medication. Instead, you’ll feel better as the result of real improvements in your health.

If you’re seeking relief from stubborn thyroid symptoms, answers to your questions about the cause of your condition, and you prefer long term solutions instead of quick fixes, functional wellness care is the best choice. It’s possible to help your body heal itself through safe, natural therapeutic support, even if you’ve struggled with thyroid symptoms for years.

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