Healthy Solutions for Improving Thyroid Function

Healthy Solutions for Improving Thyroid Function in Greenville SC

Individuals with thyroid conditions are often put on medication to improve symptoms. In the case of the most common thyroid problem, low thyroid function, thyroid replacement medication is often used. The body is failing to produce enough thyroid hormone to maintain healthy and necessary metabolic activity, so replacing it seems to make sense. In some individuals, there is no other choice—especially in cases where the thyroid has been physically damaged, or in other instances where it is impossible to improve thyroid function through non-pharmaceutical means.

Whether your body requires hormone replacement or not, it may be possible to improve thyroid function–and how you feel as a thyroid patient–through natural care. It is certainly worth looking into, because in some cases improvements in health and wellness can minimize reliance on medication. In other instances, natural therapeutic support may make all the difference in how effective pharmaceutical support is and in how the patient feels. By becoming healthier, you can do much more than mask symptoms.

Thyroid patients are often surprised to learn there is a lot they can do to improve thyroid function and their health aside from taking medication as directed. They aren’t aware that a more proactive approach can help them get better results with their health care. Working with the right practitioner, thyroid function can be improved; symptoms can be effectively managed or perhaps even alleviated altogether. The patient can feel substantially better.

A practitioner who is trained in functional wellness care can help you get started on improving thyroid function through better health. Functional wellness is a unique, alternative type of health care that is quite different from standard medical care. But at the same time, it may serve as an ideal complement to the traditional care you’re receiving.

Functional wellness care for thyroid conditions starts with a thorough investigation of the underlying reason for the thyroid problem. What is causing poor thyroid function? Why is it happening, what does it involve, and how is it impacting your health as well as how you feel? Functional wellness care providers utilize comprehensive testing to find the answers. Very specific, extensive testing can reveal the dysfunctions, imbalances or deficiencies that are involved in low thyroid. This involves investigating much more than the thyroid gland.

Once it’s clear why you are having problems and what exactly those problems are in terms of function throughout the body, it’s possible to take steps to improve your condition. Functional wellness care focuses on safe, natural therapeutic support that is customized for each individual patient. For some thyroid patients, poor gut health and nutritional deficiencies are playing a role in their thyroid condition. In other cases, hormone imbalance is involved. Many low thyroid patients struggle with autoimmune conditions.

Each thyroid patient’s body has unique needs in terms of diet and nutrition, stress management and sleep, exercise and activity levels. Lifestyle changes that support optimum health and wellness can make a large and lasting difference in thyroid function and how you feel.

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