Greenville SC Natural Thyroid Solutions

Greenville SC Natural Thyroid Solutions

The thyroid is a small butterfly shaped gland located at the base of the neck. Though it’s small, it’s very powerful. Did you know that the thyroid produces hormones that affect every cell and organ in the body? The thyroid is responsible for almost all of the body’s metabolic systems including temperature regulation, growth and development, and regulating metabolism.

When your thyroid is not functioning properly you may experience a host of unwanted symptoms such as headaches, GI problems, weight gain, insomnia, joint pain, chronic fatigue, hair loss, depression, and low libido. These are only a few of the symptoms that you may experience and while you may not deal with all of these issues, the bad news is that if your thyroid condition remains unmanaged these symptoms may become quite debilitating.

Thyroid conditions are often overlooked because many of the symptoms can be attributed to other health conditions. Thyroid dysfunction is also often misdiagnosed in traditional medicine because of the lack of comprehensive testing. Most traditional practitioners test TSH levels when diagnosing a thyroid disorder, and unfortunately they base their diagnosis on that number alone. This is not enough information to properly diagnose a thyroid disorder because there are at least six to eight other thyroid markers that also need to be tested.

For example, your liver function could be contributing to your thyroid disorder, but this would not show up on a TSH test. If your TSH levels test normal your traditional practitioner will tell you that you’re fine and they have no other options for you. But what if you’re still experiencing symptoms? You probably feel anything but normal or fine.

If this experience sounds familiar then it may be time to explore other options for care. Working with a practitioner who evaluates the entire body in order to get a complete picture of your health is going to be the best option for the most successful long-term recovery, and this is why many patients are turning to functional wellness as an option for thyroid care.

A functional wellness practitioner offers care that is comprehensive and customized. This means that they begin with a thorough evaluation and laboratory testing that may include, but is not limited to a complete blood chemistry panel, as well as saliva, urine and stool testing. After analyzing your test results they will create a care plan that is tailored to your specific needs and offers recommendations for natural therapies and lifestyle changes that will help you improve your thyroid dysfunction and reclaim your life.

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