Effective Ways to Manage Low Thyroid

Effective Ways to Manage Low Thyroid in Greenville SC

Are you dissatisfied with your current health care for low thyroid due to ongoing symptoms or the need to take more and more medication to achieve results? It’s not uncommon for low thyroid patients to become frustrated when they discover that despite TSH levels in the “normal” range, they still feel awful. If you’ve wondered if your medication even works, or if something’s been missed regarding your care, you should know there are safe, effective ways to manage low thyroid beyond medication.

The traditional medical model of care is only one approach to health issues and concerns. In the case of low thyroid, the typical course of care involves testing TSH levels, and then using medication to make adjustments as needed to achieve “normal” values. The problem is, thyroid conditions are often much more complicated than this “one size, fits all” approach assumes.

There are many possible causes for low thyroid. The most common is an autoimmune condition known as Hashimoto’s disease. Focusing on TSH levels exclusively will fail to effectively support a patient who also has Hashimoto’s, or another health problem that is affecting TSH levels and thyroid function.

Functional health care takes a very effective approach to evaluating and managing low thyroid conditions. To start with, the goal is not simply to adjust TSH levels. It is to uncover dysfunctions or imbalances within the body that are affecting its many organs or systems. When the root causes of the patient’s low thyroid condition or symptoms are identified, the practitioner has a very comprehensive and specific picture of what exactly is going on within the body. It’s then possible to develop a customized plan of therapy that will effectively help the patient’s health improve.

Functional wellness relies on healing strategies that are natural, non-invasive and safe, and therapy plans are developed for patients on an individual basis. This is why they are so often more effective than taking medication alone. Very specific therapies and methods custom tailored for each individual’s unique health condition are much more likely to be effective than a “try this” and “wait and see” approach.

In seeking the most effective care possible for your low thyroid condition, consider working with a functional wellness practitioner. Remember that medication is likely to be only one very small part of the care you may need to really improve your quality of life and your health. Functional health is a great complimentary care option that can help you get the best results possible from any care that you are already receiving.

Functional health practitioners are on top of today’s latest research and will utilize all available tests and therapies to help low thyroid patients. Functional wellness may be the way “in” to building a personalized health care team that includes the most effective, very best possible care and support necessary for your optimal health.

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