Comprehensive Thyroid Care

Comprehensive Thyroid Care In Greenville SC

Whether you’ve sought care for a thyroid condition yet or not, you’re probably quite familiar with the standard medical approach to health problems: you describe your symptoms, the healthcare provider runs some tests, one organ or system of the body is identified as problematic, and you’re advised to take medication to correct the issue. It’s a simple, straight-forward approach that on the surface appears to streamline the health care process. But there’s a problem.

The problem is, the body’s organs, glands and systems do not work in isolation. They’re interrelated and interconnected; together, the body’s “parts” work as a whole. If you have a thyroid disorder, you may already have begun to realize this fact if you’re experiencing a wide variety of symptoms. Yet even if you’re only experiencing one symptom, the need for a holistic approach to health care is likely to become apparent when your thyroid medication fails to help you feel better.

Unfortunately it’s very common for patients to take their thyroid medication as directed, yet to still suffer with symptoms. One reason is the testing most practitioners rely on in caring for thyroid disorders is inadequate. Rather than performing a thorough exam and ordering tests to analyze all of the body’s major systems and functions, only the thyroid is tested. In most cases, the test used to assess thyroid function isn’t even sufficient for determining exactly what is going wrong with the thyroid. Very narrow testing leads to very narrow solutions that often fail to help thyroid patients feel better.

By contrast, functional wellness care takes a holistic, comprehensive approach to health. Rather than focusing exclusively or primarily on any one system, organ or gland within the body, the practitioner explores the body’s functioning as a whole. In-depth testing, an extremely thorough neurological exam and careful attention to your health history provide a very thorough picture of your overall health condition.

Oftentimes in the case of thyroid patients, an underlying condition is responsible for the thyroid dysfunction, or is complicating it. Until the root cause of the patient’s condition is identified and addressed, it’s very unlikely she will feel better. In fact, as conditions are left untreated, they may worsen over time—and so will the patient’s symptoms—even though the results of narrow lab testing show “everything is fine” with the thyroid.

If you’d like to feel better as quickly as possible and achieve real improvements in your health condition, seek out a functional wellness practitioner for your thyroid condition or concerns. A holistic approach is far more likely to get to the exact cause of your health problem than traditional medical care alone. Once that cause is identified, your practitioner can devise a customized therapy program to meet your specific needs. As you work together to help your body recover and regain better function, you’ll feel better, and maximize your ability to enjoy optimal health long-term.

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