Comprehensive Low Thyroid Care

Greenville SC Comprehensive Low Thyroid Care

Do you go to your primary care doctor for help with your thyroid problem, even if you’re not sure you have one? If so, did they give you one thyroid test that simply tested your TSH levels? While this is a great test for some individuals who suffer from thyroid problems, it is not the most helpful test for all.

The results can be misleading and can even result in unnecessary prescriptions being written. If you want truly effective care for your thyroid, then you will need much more comprehensive testing; which will look at all of the markers of a thyroid disorder. This testing isn’t available from all practitioners, which is why you will need to see a functional wellness practitioner who works with thyroid patients.

Functional wellness practitioners look for the root causes of their patient’s problems. This means they spend a considerable amount of time with each of their patients, and work with them on an individual basis. They utilize testing that most regular practitioner offices do not have, and that gives them insight into individual imbalances and thyroid problems that otherwise would never be found. By having these tests, they can tell what solutions need to be embraced in order to help their patient achieve better wellness with their thyroid and body overall.

Managing Your Condition

Managing your condition is going to be a long-term journey, not just something you do for a week or two. This is because it takes a long time to heal your body naturally, and to balance out the underlying causes of your condition that were never addressed before. While you might feel better after the first week or even few days of starting your wellness plan, the real benefits will come in time. Fortunately, your wellness practitioner will be there along the way, giving you advice and making sure you have all the advice that you need.

You are unique and different from everyone else who has thyroid problems, so shouldn’t you be treated like that? Of course! Practitioners who focus on functional wellness for their thyroid patients understand this and will only give you solutions that are suitable for your body specifically. They will give you comprehensive care that you wouldn’t get anywhere else, and even offer you all the patient resources you want. They want patients to be empowered, and to understand more about their body and what thyroid disorders really are.

By managing your thyroid condition with the help of an experienced wellness practitioner, you may be able to find better wellness than ever before. This might mean having a lot more energy or being able to lose weight, but it could also mean a better sex drive or not losing your hair. As long as you stick to the wellness plan and consult regularly with your wellness practitioner, you will have the highest chances of success. By getting help from them you may be able to change your life dramatically and live healthier and more vibrantly than ever before.

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