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Thyroid conditions are on the rise in America. It’s estimated that around 20 million people currently suffer from a thyroid disorder. Women are actually more likely to develop a thyroid dysfunction, though it’s becoming more prevalent in men as well. What’s even worse is that more than half of these folks don’t even realize that they have a thyroid problem. Did you know that more than 12% of the population will develop a thyroid condition in their lifetime?

Why are so many people unaware of their thyroid disorder? It’s because thyroid conditions are often misdiagnosed because the root cause of the disorder is overlooked. This happens because traditional doctors are trained to test your TSH level when you complain of thyroid symptoms. If the levels are within normal range no further treatment is offered. If the levels are not within the normal limits then you are prescribed thyroid medication. Typically your doctor doesn’t have many other options for thyroid care.

The problems with this model of care are that:

1) There are actually many more markers that need to be checked in order to properly diagnose a thyroid condition.

2) What is considered normal range for your doctor may not be what’s normal for your optimum health.

What this means is that you could actually have “normal” lab tests and still have a thyroid disorder. This is why so many people don’t realize that they have a thyroid condition.

It also explains why many patients are taking thyroid medication yet they don’t feel any better. If you have issues other than TSH that are causing your thyroid disorder then you may still suffer from symptoms, even with medication.

However, there is hope! Many patients are successfully managing their thyroid conditions by working with a functional wellness practitioner. These doctors evaluate the entire body in order to get the complete picture of your health. They do this through comprehensive lab tests that they run so that they can determine the underlying causes of your thyroid dysfunction.

When you work with this type of provider you can expect comprehensive and customized care. These doctors are also committed to helping you manage your condition for a lifetime through education, mentoring and coaching. You will notice the difference from your first phone call to the personal attention and contact that you receive from the doctor. When you’re ready to reclaim your health and your life find out how a functional wellness provider can help you.

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