Best Management of Hashimoto’s

Best Management of Hashimoto’s in Greenville SC

If you’ve tried solution after solution trying to find relief from Hashimoto’s disease, you might be wondering if anything will ever help. The truth is, until you focus on the underlying cause of this issue, nothing is ever going to manage this disease in an effective way. If it’s time to change the way you handle this autoimmune disease, then meeting with a functional wellness practitioner is the first step you’ll need to take. They will work hard to help you manage this issue properly, starting with teaching you about your health specifically.

What’s Your Trigger?

Hashimoto’s disease is the underlying cause of the vast majority of thyroid problems, as it causes the immune system to attack the thyroid and deteriorate it. While discovering this is an important part of healing the body, it’s essential not to overlook the fact that something is triggering the disease to flare-up in first place.Unfortunately it’s impossible to say what your triggers are specifically until testing has been completed. However, some of the most common include:

– Food Allergies

– Stress

– Blood Sugar Imbalances

– Infections

Because there are so many other health issues that can contribute to this autoimmune disease flaring up, it’s crucial to meet with a functional wellness practitioner to receive in-depth testing. This is something they provide as their standard of care because they take an evidence-based approach to helping their patients. Once they have the results, they’ll know exactly what underlying issues have been contributing to Hashimoto’s flare-ups and any other symptoms you’ve been experiencing.

Which Management Techniques Will Help?

Some of the most commonly used management techniques for Hashimoto’s include:

– Gluten-Free Diet

Many people experience auto-immune flare-ups when they eat gluten because a large number of people are sensitive to it. Fortunately cutting gluten out completely can offer dramatic improvements for those with the sensitivity.

– Resolving Blood Sugar Imbalances

For some people, balancing out blood sugar levels and paying attention to dietary restrictions can help improve immune system health.

– Hormone Therapy

Hormones need to be balanced in order to achieve optimal health, and hormone therapy is something that can help with this.

Focusing on Managing the Right Way

These are only a handful of the drug-free solutions that wellness practitioners use, but the right one for you will depend on your body specifically. With something as complex as Hashimoto’s, there’s no “one solution fits all” option for patients. This is why those initial tests are so important, as they point out the dysfunctions, imbalances, and other health concerns that are unique to you.

Only after your practitioner has analyzed the results from those will they be able to tell you which management techniques can help you in the most effective manner. The good news is this effort can be worth it, as many patients are able to see major improvements in their Hashimoto’s disease symptoms and overall health as a result.

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