Important Thyroid Information

Important Thyroid Information from Greenville SC Thyroid Doctor

If you are struggling with a thyroid condition, it’s important to know whether or not your condition is actually a sign of autoimmune disease. More than two-thirds of those who have thyroid problems also have Hashimoto’s disease. This is an autoimmune disease in which the thyroid is attacked by the body’s own immune system.

If you have Hashimoto’s, it is very likely you’ll continue to suffer from low thyroid and other symptoms unless the immune system imbalance is properly addressed. Thyroid replacement medication does nothing to help with autoimmune imbalance, so standard medical care often fails to help thyroid patients.

It isn’t difficult to determine whether or not you have Hashimoto’s. A simple blood test can identify this disease. Still, individuals who see their primary care practitioners for thyroid symptoms are rarely tested. Standard medicine doesn’t have much to offer in the way of therapeutic support for Hashimoto’s. There is no cure, and medications aren’t typically a sound solution, therefore testing isn’t a priority, even though it should be.

Functional wellness care views Hashimoto’s quite differently. A practitioner who is educated in functional wellness care will order tests to determine if Hashimoto’s is affecting the thyroid. This is because the goal of this type of alternative health care is finding the root cause of the patient’s health problem and symptoms. Whether it is an autoimmune disease that’s behind your thyroid problem or something else, finding out will be a top priority when you work with a functional wellness practitioner.

If it turns out you do have Hashimoto’s, proper testing will also be done to find the root cause of the autoimmune response. This is rarely a simple undertaking, but it is an essential one. Autoimmune conditions often involve problems with gut health, such as intestinal permeability or ‘leaky gut.’ This condition is associated with many symptoms and additional health problems that plague thyroid patients, including brain fog, nutritional deficiencies and more. When it’s identified, leaky gut and other issues affecting the immune system can be addressed. But until it’s clear this condition exists and is contributing to your thyroid problem, any kind of therapeutic support is basically a guessing game.

A functional wellness practitioner will test extensively to determine exactly what is going on with your thyroid, but also your body as a whole. Thyroid conditions almost always involve much more than the thyroid. Successful healing and recovery of all of the dysfunctions and imbalances involved in your condition is only possible with comprehensive, customized care. This is the type of care a functional wellness care practitioner will provide. You can look forward to real, lasting improvements in how you feel when the focus is on the root cause of your condition.

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