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BEST Hashimoto’s Clinic in Greenville SC

Are you tired of suffering the symptoms of low thyroid, and you want to learn more about what’s causing you to experience such intense symptoms? You could be suffering from Hashimoto’s disease, which is an autoimmune condition that affects the majority of low thyroid patients. Unfortunately, you’d likely never learn about this condition if you went to your regular medical doctor for help, as they generally don’t have the testing that’s needed to find the underlying causes of your symptoms. You’re not out of luck though, because you can see a functional wellness practitioner for more comprehensive help instead.

The Functional Wellness Difference

When you see a functional wellness practitioner for help with Hashimoto’s disease, they aren’t going to look at you like they have no idea what you’re talking about. They are instead going to speak with you about your symptoms, and then get your care started with comprehensive testing. If this sounds different from your typical doctor’s appointment, it’s because it is. The functional wellness approach is one that’s based on evidence, which is why you’ll be given so many different tests. The results from those will help uncover the root cause of your condition so effective solutions can be found. With functional wellness you’ll no longer have to wonder “why” but will have the facts so you can focus on taking control of your health care.

Finding Relief from Hashimoto’s Disease

Because Hashimoto’s disease is an autoimmune condition rather than something that starts at the thyroid, it’s often something that goes unnoticed in most low thyroid patients. If anything, patients are put on thyroid medications, which only numb the symptoms to make them less bothersome or intense. Unfortunately, this allows the condition to progress, and can result in symptoms worsening as time goes on. If you don’t want to live this way and want to heal your body naturally, then functional wellness care for Hashimoto’s disease is something you can greatly benefit from. With this you won’t be given any medications because you’ll be offered holistic solutions that promote natural healing within the body. If you had a vehicle that wasn’t working right, wouldn’t you want to fix the root cause of the problem rather than using temporary solutions that would only deteriorate the vehicle further?

The same approach should be taken with care for your body, because if you’re not healing the root cause, you’re not doing anything to stop the damage from getting worse. With functional wellness you’ll be given the tools you need to heal your body, and the support you need to make permanent lifestyle changes. This may result in finally seeing your Hashimoto’s disease symptoms decrease, and your feelings of wellness increase. If you’re ready to make a change, then seeing your wellness practitioner is a positive step to take.

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