What To Look For In A Top Thyroid Doctor

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Is the care you’re receiving for your thyroid condition working for you, or are you struggling with ongoing symptoms? Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for individuals to continue to battle symptoms like low energy, brain fog, and weight problems or sleep disturbances even while taking thyroid medication. They hope the medication they’re put on for thyroid dysfunction will resolve their discomfort, but symptoms are only partially or temporarily resolved, if at all.

If standard medical care isn’t helping you look and feel your best in relation to a thyroid disorder, a different approach may make all the difference. If you work with a functional wellness care practitioner, the focus will be on improving your condition and overall health. This is quite different from care that focuses on using medication to bring hormone levels within a ‘normal’ range, and hoping you’ll feel better when that goal is achieved.

When someone sees their GP or another health care provider for a thyroid problem, the established approach is to take blood work, evaluate TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) levels, and if they are too high or too low, medication is often prescribed. Yet thyroid problems are rarely simple matters, and they are not all the same. To get the best results from therapeutic support, a functional wellness practitioner will look beyond TSH levels and a few markers for thyroid dysfunction. A functional wellness evaluation is comprehensive and in-depth. It will consider your overall health, wellness, and most importantly, it will find out why you feel the way you do.

The types of medication thyroid patients are most commonly prescribed do not address the root cause of your health issues. They do not manage the ‘why’ behind your symptoms, or the underlying reason for your thyroid problem. This is why medication alone may be failing you. What’s needed is care that goes beyond trying to mask or cover up symptoms.

In addition to doing an inadequate job of providing symptom relief, medications sometimes cause unwanted side effects. A better option, most people would agree, is to address and manage the cause of their health problem naturally. Natural therapeutic support that is customized works wonders for many thyroid patients. Some people do need to take thyroid medication long term due to thyroid damage, disease, or a specific condition. Functional wellness care can often help minimize their reliance on thyroid replacement medicine, and some individuals find their medication works much better once the root cause of their condition is addressed.

Functional wellness care involves safe, natural interventions that focus on the specific reasons you feel unwell. When your body receives the support it needs, it can begin to recover and heal. If you work with a practitioner who is trained in functional wellness, you can look forward to optimal wellness, long-term solutions, and the fullest relief from symptoms possible.

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