What Are The Symptoms Of Hypothyroid?

Greenville SC Thyroid Doctor Answers – What Are The Symptoms Of Hypothyroid?

 Do you suffer from headaches two or more times per week? Do you experience stomach or GI issues, especially after meals? Do you have trouble going to sleep or staying asleep at night? Do you struggle with weight gain even though you exercise regularly and eat healthy? Do you suffer from anxiety or depression? Did you know that all of these scenarios could be symptoms of hypothyroid, or low thyroid disorder?

The bad news is that these are only a few of the symptoms of low thyroid dysfunction. Patients may also experience hair loss, joint pain, dry skin, low libido, and chronic fatigue. If your thyroid condition is not managed properly, symptoms will gradually become worse over time and can be very debilitating for some patients. However, the good news is that with the proper care and guidance you can effectively manage your thyroid condition and experience significant relief from your symptoms.

The first step is finding the right practitioner to work with and many patients are turning to functional wellness for answers. These practitioners have extensive training in helping patients with chronic conditions like low thyroid disorder manage their conditions and reclaim their health. Even patients who have struggled with thyroid disorder for years are achieving great results when they work with a functional wellness provider.

When it comes to thyroid dysfunction, the problem in traditional medicine is that practitioners typically test TSH levels and base their diagnosis on those numbers alone. However, did you know that there are at least six to eight thyroid markers in addition to TSH that need to be tested in order to properly diagnose low thyroid dysfunction? Without comprehensive testing a patient could have “normal” TSH levels, yet still suffer from thyroid dysfunction. They also may be diagnosed with thyroid disorder and taking medication, yet still experiencing symptoms because the root cause of their condition has been overlooked.

The reason that patients are learning to effectively manage their thyroid conditions when they work with functional wellness practitioners is because of the comprehensive testing and customized care that these providers offer.

They look at the body as an entire operating system, rather than just treating isolated symptoms. Using comprehensive laboratory testing they’re able to pinpoint exactly where imbalances are occurring in the body and then they recommend natural therapies and lifestyle changes to help effectively manage the condition.

Patients receive personalized attention and one on one care when they work with a functional wellness practitioner. They also receive the knowledge and tools to manage their condition for lifetime. This way they can take part in their own health and make educated decisions about their care.

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