Managing Hashimoto’s Disease

Managing Hashimoto’s Disease in Greenville SC

Many people who learn that they are battling Hashimoto’s disease can begin to feel like it’s something they will never overcome. Symptoms such as fatigue, hair loss, skin dryness, muscle weakness, joint stiffness, and even depression can all be constant bothers that seemingly never go away. If you’re currently dealing with these yourself, have you considered what you can do to manage them? Many people think there’s nothing they can do, but that’s only until they speak with a functional wellness practitioner.

These care providers are wonderful alternatives to traditional physicians because of the approach they use caring for Hashimoto’s. Rather than using drugs to dull the symptoms, they work to determine what’s causing them in the first place. This makes all the difference with how patients feel and can mean finally learning the proper solutions for managing this disease.

How Hashimoto’s Management Works

Step 1: Tests and Exams

When you first meet with a functional wellness practitioner, they will provide you with in-depth tests and exams. Combined, these will give them a complete picture of your health and what’s going on within your body. Only once they have the results from these tests will they be able to put together a management plan.

Step 2: Learning Your Management Plan

Your management plan will be completely unique to your body, which is why the wellness practitioner will go over the details with you. This means they’ll take the time to answer questions and give you information about what dysfunctions, imbalances, or other health concerns have been contributing to your symptoms.

While it’s impossible to say which solutions your management plan will include until you’ve been tested, if you’re curious about some of the options, they include:

– Addressing Digestive Problems

– Addressing Food Allergies

– Addressing Emotional Stresses

– Taking Supplements/Vitamins

These are only a small number of the solutions that may help Hashimoto’s disease patients better manage the causes of their symptoms. However, it’s important to remember that any of these require a commitment to change, such as changing the way that you eat to avoid food allergies that trigger Hashimoto’s.

Step 3: Monitor and Follow Up

Once you start to use the solutions your wellness practitioner provides, it’s important to monitor the way you feel. In addition to this, you will need to go in for follow-up testing with your practitioner on a regular basis. This will give them a chance to update your test results so you can physically see how your health is improved.

Taking the Mystery Out of Hashimoto’s Disease

It can be easy for anyone to become overwhelmed when they are faced with the task of managing Hashimoto’s. Fortunately by working with a wellness practitioner, you can get a lot of answers so you can finally manage this disease effectively. Their priority is to address what’s really going on, so you can count on them for the most in-depth care possible.

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