The Truth About Hashimoto’s Disease

Greenville SC Thyroid Doctor Explains – The Truth About Hashimoto’s Disease

Did you know that Hashimoto’s disease affects over 14 million people and is one of the leading causes of thyroid disorders in the country? If this is something playing a role in your health and you want to learn more facts like this, the information below can help. You might be surprised to learn some of the most important truths about this disease that most people don’t know. Additionally, you’ll see why it’s so important to address this health in an effort to improve your health.

Truth #1 – Hashimoto’s Disease is an Autoimmune Disorder

Most people only know that Hashimoto’s is one of the leading causes of thyroid disorders. They don’t realize that it’s actually an autoimmune disorder that causes the immune system to attack the thyroid. Because of this, it’s important to shift your focus to this disease and what’s triggering it in order to help minimize the damage to your thyroid.

Truth #2 – Women are at a Higher Risk

Both men and women are susceptible to developing Hashimoto’s disease. However, women are seven times more likely to be affected than men, putting them at a much higher risk. For this reason, it’s critical for women to pay close attention to their symptoms, which can include:

– Constipation

– Hair Loss

– Joint Stiffness

– Fatigue

– Weight Gain

– Sensitivity to Cold

Truth #3 – Medications Aren’t the Only Solutions

Most traditional care providers will prescribe thyroid medications for Hashimoto’s patients in order to help regulate their thyroid hormone levels. However, these don’t do anything to actually address Hashimoto’s disease itself. In order to do this, you must work with a care provider who will dig deep to identify the issues that are triggering this autoimmune response. This could be gut issues, imbalances in hormones, nutrient deficits, or even food allergies you didn’t know about.

Truth #4 – You May Not Know You Have It

A surprising number of people don’t even know they have Hashimoto’s because they haven’t been given the right testing. If you notice any symptoms or have a thyroid problem that gets worse over time, a functional wellness practitioner can help. They’ll provide the in-depth testing that’s needed to uncover the presence of this autoimmune condition.

Truth #5 – It Won’t Just Go Away

This condition will not resolve on its own. In fact, it will continue to get worse over time, and that can aggravate your symptoms as your thyroid continues to deteriorate. The only way to prevent further damage is by finding solutions that stop this autoimmune response.

Want to Learn More?

In order to learn more about Hashimoto’s and the impact it could have on your health, a functional wellness practitioner can help. Their knowledge and experience make them some of the best resources for this health issue. With their help, your thyroid no longer has to remain a mystery.

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