Number One Choice For Low Thyroid Support

Number One Choice For Low Thyroid Support in Greenville SC

The thyroid is a small, yet powerful, butterfly shaped gland located at the base of the neck. This tiny gland releases hormones that help to regulate metabolism and body temperature. Did you know that every cell in your body utilizes thyroid hormone? Needless to say, when this important gland isn’t functioning properly it causes a whole host of problems within the body.

Symptoms like hair loss, joint pain, low libido, headaches, GI issues, dry skin, constipation, insomnia, depression, fatigue, brain fog and anxiety are just a few that can plague someone with a thyroid disorder. Many of these symptoms can become quite debilitating over time if the thyroid disorder is not properly managed. Thyroid function is too important to entrust your care to just any practitioner.

Many folks who suffer from a thyroid condition are unaware that they have thyroid dysfunction. Did you know that around 60% of the 20 million Americans who suffer from a thyroid disorder are undiagnosed? There are many others who are currently diagnosed and taking thyroid medication, yet are still suffering from their unwanted symptoms. Why does this happen? Because, sadly, traditional medicine has missed the boat when it comes to thyroid problems by relying solely on TSH test results alone to diagnose thyroid dysfunction.

This is doing patients a disservice because there are actually six to eight other thyroid markers that should be checked in order to diagnose thyroid dysfunction. It takes comprehensive testing to determine exactly what’s causing a thyroid condition. It’s important to check all of the body systems in order to determine where imbalances may be occurring and how to correct them, and it’s important to work with a practitioner who understands this.

Functional wellness practitioners receive extensive training on how evaluate the body as an entire operating system in order to determine the underlying causes of chronic health conditions like thyroid dysfunction and diabetes. They then use this information to create personalized care plans for every patient based on their specific needs. This is much different from the “one size fits all” approach that you typically find with traditional medicine. Unfortunately, most patients don’t fit neatly into the model of care where medication solves all their health concerns. By contrast, that approach often creates a vicious cycle of the patient receiving more medication for the side effects that the original medication caused.

If any of this sounds familiar to you and you’re ready for a new approach that provides you with real answers and solutions, than you’re ready to seek the help of a functional wellness provider. It’s definitely worth the time to take another look at how this type of provider may be the best choice for low thyroid support for you.

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