Hashimoto’s Care

Greenville SC Hashimoto’s Care

You deserve the best care for your health, and sometimes that care can be difficult to come across when you have Hashimoto’s disease. This is because many of the symptoms can make it look like you have other health problems and that can lead to a vicious cycle of never finding relief. Instead of going to many different general doctors for help, why not go to someone who has experience with this disease? By doing so, you will learn a lot more about your body and how this disease affects each system. Your doctor will give you comprehensive testing, and set you up with personalized solutions that may help you feel relief from even the worst of symptoms. Hashimoto’s care is out there, but you have to go to the right place to find it!

Benefits of Seeing a Hashimoto’s Doctor

Comprehensive Testing

Hashimoto’s disease is very complex, and some doctors don’t understand how to care for patients who suffer from it. It is a condition where the body attacks an inflamed thyroid, which in turn causes the thyroid to not function properly. This wreaks havoc on the rest of the body, as the thyroid plays a major role in all functions. Unfortunately, some doctors will ask their patients what symptoms they are experiencing and assume they have just a simple thyroid problem because of that. Even if they administer testing, they generally only offer one type that doesn’t look at all the causes there could be for a thyroid problem.

Under the care of a doctor who has experience with this disease, you will receive comprehensive testing as the standard. This is because they understand how important it is to find out exactly what is going on in your body, otherwise they would just be guessing.

Finding the Root Cause

Your functional wellness doctor will analyze your test results to determine which dysfunctions and imbalances need to be addressed. Finding the root cause of the problem is not something that all doctors do but those who are experienced understand the importance of it. They know that doing so can result in the entire body working more efficiently together because problem areas are being healed.

Finding Treatment Options

Your functional wellness practitioner will look for effective treatments that help to slow the disease from progressing any further. They will try and find the most effective ways of healing the imbalances and dysfunctions that are already present and that can mean you being able to feel better naturally. There are many  options they can offer you, but those that you’re given will be based on your individual test results and health. If you’re not looking for “one size fits all” prescription care then your Hashimoto’s doctor will be a breath of fresh air!

This autoimmune disease doesn’t have to control your life or progressively get worse as time goes on. When you choose an experienced practitioner you will be on your way to better health from the very start. They can answer your questions, give you individualized care and offer plans that may truly make a difference in your life.

Schedule your thyroid consultation today and learn how we may be able to help your thyroid symptoms.