Functional Medicine Help For Hashimoto’s

Functional Medicine Help For Hashimoto’s in Greenville SC

Some people who have Hashimoto’s disease think that the only way to find relief is through synthetic hormones. This is the approach favored by many health care professionals and it can provide relief in the short term. Unfortunately, these synthetic hormones will need to be taken for the rest of a person’s life and there is no guarantee that they will continue to be effective. Instead, a person may have to continuously update their dosages in order to get the relief they need. Instead of relying on these synthetic hormones for the rest of your life, contact a functional wellness professional who can develop an all-natural therapy plan for you.

The biggest issue with synthetic hormones is that they really don’t address the root of the problem. Lack of thyroid hormone is actually just a symptom of Hashimoto’s disease, so the synthetic hormone only seeks to alleviate the symptoms, not correct the problem. Many people do not realize this, so they think that they are taking synthetic hormones in order to correct their problem. In reality, they are doing nothing to correct it. It is only by actually addressing the problem that a person can find the lasting relief they need to live a healthy life.

The fact is that what we put in our bodies goes a long way in impacting how our body functions. While a person should continue to listen to their primary care physician, they should also begin to alter their diet in order to give the body the nutrition it needs to function properly. For people with Hashimoto’s disease, this can include some simple dietary changes.

In addition to changing a person’s diet, they may want to add in all-natural supplements to ensure that nutritional goals are being met. Since each person’s body is different, there will be different nutritional needs for each person. A functional wellness practitioner can sit down and learn about your particular health needs and recommend supplements that can be added. By identifying specific nutritional needs for their patients, a functional wellness practitioner can be sure a person’s diet is working to promote overall wellness.

If you have Hashimoto’s disease or worry that you may have a thyroid problem, contact a functional wellness practitioner to learn how to fight back. By incorporating certain foods, certain supplements, and leading a healthy lifestyle, it may be possible to manage your Hashimoto’s or significantly reduce its effects on the body. Instead of simply relying on synthetic drugs, take a proactive role in fixing your body. To learn more about how an all-natural therapy plan can help with your Hashimoto’s disease, contact a functional wellness practitioner right away.

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