Comprehensive Testing for Low Thyroid

Comprehensive Testing for Low Thyroid in Greenville SC

For some practitioners thyroid conditions are often tricky to diagnose for a number of reasons.

1) Symptoms are such that they are often easily attributed to other health concerns.

2) Many thyroid conditions are misdiagnosed due inadequate lab testing

3) Many thyroid conditions are undiagnosed for the same reason

How does inadequate lab testing occur?

First, it’s important to understand that traditional practitioners are trained to base their thyroid diagnosis on TSH lab results only. However, there are actually 6-8 additional thyroid markers that need to be checked in order to properly diagnose thyroid dysfunction. This means that your TSH levels may appear normal even though you still have a thyroid condition. Often your traditional provider is overlooking the root cause of your thyroid disorder. This means that you may be diagnosed with thyroid dysfunction, and you may be taking medication, however you could still suffer from symptoms because the underlying cause of your disorder has not been determined.

The only way to effectively manage a thyroid disorder is to alleviate what’s causing it; and the only way to truly get to the root cause of your disorder is to have comprehensive testing done. Comprehensive testing should include, a complete blood chemistry panel, as well as saliva, stool and urine samples. Your practitioner may also choose to test for food sensitivities and other things that can contribute to your condition. So how do you get this type of testing done? Find a functional wellness practitioner to work with.

Functional wellness is the medicine of why. This practitioner strives to determine why you are suffering from a thyroid disorder in the first place.  It’s a medicine rooted in the science of biology and one that connects the dots between all that is going wrong inside your body, down to a cellular level. Your genetics, past health history, family health history, current condition and personal test results are all taken into consideration when creating your care plan. This ensures that each plan is highly personalized, which in turn ensures the best results for a successful recovery.

Many patients are achieving success with this approach. They find that not only has their thyroid condition improved, but also their overall health and well-being. This is because a functional wellness provider takes the time to educate patients about their condition so that they’re empowered with the knowledge and the tools to manage their condition on their own for a lifetime. When you’re ready to achieve results that last for the long-term, you’re ready to work with a functional wellness provider.

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