Why is Low Thyroid Often Misdiagnosed?

Greenville SC Thyroid Clinic Answers – Why is Low Thyroid Often Misdiagnosed?

The thyroid produces a hormone that impacts every part of the body. It regulates how sensitive the body is to other hormones, it regulates metabolism, and has a direct impact on a person’s energy levels. If there is a problem with the thyroid, it will in turn cause problems throughout the body. This can make it extremely difficult to diagnose, especially if a doctor isn’t testing the thyroid. By working with a functional wellness practitioner experienced in thyroid problems, it is possible to get the body’s systems working properly again.

Many doctors attempt to treat problems directly related to a person’s symptoms. For instance, if a person presents to the doctor complaining of depression, they may refer them to a psychologist for antidepressants. This might prove effective for a little while, but it does not get to the root of the problem. Eventually, the depression will return and a person will need more drugs. This can lead to an endless cycle of more and more drugs. Not only does this not fix the problem, it can actually lead to more issues within the body.

Additionally, a health care expert may only try one type of test when trying to identify a thyroid problem. A TSH test, the most popular test for thyroid problems, is not foolproof and may lead to a doctor overlooking a problem with the thyroid. By working with a practitioner who uses a variety of tests and methods to identify thyroid problems, you can be sure that nothing is missed when attempting to find the root of your health problems.

A practitioner who is familiar with functional medicine understands that if one system is off, it will manifest throughout the entire body. By examining an entire person instead of simply treating the symptoms, positive outcomes can be found for even the most difficult of cases. Through adjustments in a person’s diet, exercise routine, and all-natural supplements, it is entirely possible to manage your thyroid and get your body functioning correctly. These changes may make a person healthy and happy and provide lasting results.

If you worry that you may have Hashimoto’s disease and you haven’t been able to correct it, seek help. A functional wellness practitioner can help find the trigger for your thyroid problem and get it corrected. Through a combination of therapies, you can get the entire system of your body working properly without the need for dangerous drugs. To test your thyroid and the systems in your body contact a care provider that can educate you about your conditions and give you a personalized plan to help you feel better.

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