Wellness Care for Low Thyroid

Wellness Care for Low Thyroid in Greenville SC

Are you frustrated by low thyroid symptoms that simply won’t go away? It’s common for thyroid patients to continue to struggle with an inability to lose weight, depression or anxiety, low libido and many other thyroid-related health issues, even when they’re on medication. It’s entirely possible for your blood work to show “you’re fine,” and for your doctor to conclude your medication is working, yet based on how you feel day-to-day, you know something still is not right.

If this sounds familiar, it may be time to take an alternative or complimentary approach to support for low thyroid in the form of functional wellness. Functional wellness differs from traditional medical care in significant ways that make it an ideal choice for low thyroid patients.

Standard medical care physicians are trained and skilled primarily at identifying symptoms, and then adding something to the body in order to ‘treat’ or fix a malfunction. This may be medication, surgery, or a procedure that’s designed to correct a problem. In the case of low thyroid, a blood test shows the patient has lower-than-normal thyroid function; there is not enough thyroid hormone being made for the body to function properly. Thyroid hormone medication is typically prescribed to replace the missing hormones.

By contrast, wellness practitioners seek to activate the body’s natural healing ability. Rather than add something to your body’s systems, support for low thyroid patients involves removing whatever might by interfering with normal thyroid function. Wellness care assumes that the body knows what to do and how to heal, given the right conditions. The key is identifying the root cause of the patient’s health problem, and then providing appropriate, non-invasive care.

Functional wellness practitioners are not simply interested in moving a low thyroid patient’s lab results into a “normal” range. Rather, the focus is on helping the patient regain optimal health. Wellness practitioners listen carefully to patients reports of how they feel, and use that information in combination with detailed health history information and in-depth testing. They find the root cause of the patient’s problem; they don’t assume or guess what is going on. They then work closely with the patient in a therapeutic partnership that’s designed to help the patient’s body heal itself.

Wellness practitioners understand that thyroid conditions are complex matters, and a one-size-fits-all approach to care isn’t going to work for the majority of patients. Each patient receives personalized care that supports their health uniquely. Typically, low thyroid support may include specific dietary and lifestyle changes in addition to other safe, natural interventions.

As conditions for normal function are optimized, low thyroid patients begin to feel better. Natural healing occurs, and with the right support, continues. In time, the need for invasive types of therapy such as medication may be minimized or even eliminated in some cases. Most importantly to the low thyroid patient, this type of care supports long-term wellness, as the patient learns to care for her own health in effective ways.

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