Alternatives For Low Thyroid Care

Alternatives For Low Thyroid Care in Spartanburg SC

If a low thyroid condition is affecting your quality of life, you may be wondering what more you can possibly do to feel better. Maybe you’re already under the care of a physician who is attempting to manage your condition with medication, but it’s just not working. It’s not uncommon for people who have hypothyroidism to visit multiple practitioners in an effort to try ‘everything’ to get relief. When answers don’t materialize and symptoms persist, it can seem like there’s nothing left to do except ‘learn to live with it.’

Whether you’ve sought care once or multiple times for a thyroid condition, help is available. If you work with a functional wellness practitioner, it’s likely you’ll find the answers you need. It’s very possible that despite their best efforts to help you, something’s been overlooked in your condition by the practitioners you’ve seen. Functional wellness focuses on digging deep to gain a comprehensive view of chronic health disorders. Nothing is left to chance or guesswork with this approach.

Low thyroid care often focuses on very few lab tests. Healthcare providers often focus on TSH levels to determine how a patient’s thyroid is functioning, whether or not medication is working, and to arrive at conclusions about how the patient should feel. But low thyroid is rarely a simple matter with a straightforward solution.

It’s entirely possible for your lab tests to appear normal while you continue to feel lousy. The tests being used may be too limited to identify the multiple ways the body and your health are being impacted by a thyroid disorder. Limited testing also does not address the underlying causes of your condition. Why do you have low thyroid? What’s the reason for the symptoms that are ongoing?

A practitioner who is educated in functional wellness will rely on extensive in-depth testing to determine exactly what is going on with your thyroid and your health. Low thyroid conditions typically involve much more than the thyroid gland and a sluggish metabolism. Many other systems in your body, other organs and other glands can be affected by or impacting your health and how you feel. The only way to find out is through the type of comprehensive testing functional wellness care relies on.

Once a complete evaluation reveals exactly what is going on in your body, it’s possible to bring about change that is likely to help you feel better. If you have low thyroid, you may be struggling with headaches, muscle cramps, low libido, extreme fatigue and brain fog. These diverse symptoms reflect imbalances and dysfunctions in multiple systems. The most effective care will be customized to your precise needs. This is exactly the type of therapeutic support you’ll receive from a functional wellness care provider.

Functional wellness aims to help the body help itself heal. It isn’t about trying to ‘fix’ things that are ‘broken’ with medications. Instead, it utilizes safe, natural therapies and interventions that facilitate the achievement of balance and optimum function. The goal is to help the patient feel as good as possible by making lasting improvements to their health. This type of care is effective, efficient, and offers low thyroid patients the benefit of long-term solutions.

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