Natural Care For Low Thyroid

Natural Care For Low Thyroid in Greenville SC

Are you committed to a natural lifestyle? Do you try to avoid processed foods, GMOs, health and beauty products that contain chemicals and herbicides in your garden? These are smart choices for a variety of reasons, but especially your health. Yet for many, health care is an area of compromise in their preference for natural living. If you have a condition that you’re told can only be helped through medication, it makes sense to you to take it.

Medications like antibiotics can and do save lives, but health care practitioners are often quick to turn to them in cases where they may not be the ideal solution. In the case of low thyroid, patients can often achieve significant improvements in their health through natural therapies. Depending on your individual case and how advanced your disease is, you may need medication to support your thyroid for the rest of your life. Yet for many, natural therapeutic support is all that’s really needed to improve thyroid function and help them feel better.

The thyroid is a complex gland that helps regulate metabolism and body temperature. It is also involved in many other processes and functions throughout the body. In order to improve thyroid function through natural care, it’s necessary to first determine exactly what is going on. Why are you experiencing poor thyroid health? What are the underlying causes of your thyroid disease? Once these questions are answered, you can begin to resolve dysfunctions, deficiencies and imbalances to make measurable, lasting improvements in thyroid function.

A functional wellness practitioner can help you get to the bottom of your low thyroid condition. The type of testing done by most physicians in Western medicine is designed to help with identifying thyroid conditions in very narrow ways. It does not point to causes. If your test results show you are just outside the range of ‘abnormal’ thyroid function, it isn’t likely you’ll be offered any therapeutic support. The extensive testing ordered by a functional wellness practitioner by contrast will determine why you are having thyroid problems, what exactly those problems are, and to what degree your thyroid and your health are being affected.

Comprehensive testing often reveals nutritional deficiencies. A customized diet and medical-grade supplements are two examples of natural care that may help improve low thyroid conditions. Proper nutrition has been shown to reverse patients’ thyroid problems and prevent further decline. But in order to be effective, you must know exactly which nutrients you’re lacking. It’s also important to determine whether or not food sensitivities or intolerances are affecting your body’s ability to absorb nutrients. This is the type of in-depth information a functional wellness practitioner seeks and finds.

A variety of causes may be contributing to your low thyroid condition, including hormonal imbalance due to stress or other factors. Stress reduction and detoxification are often a part of the therapeutic support plans recommended for low thyroid patients. A functional wellness practitioner can zero in on exactly what will help you. As your condition improves, you’ll gain understanding about your own health and how to effectively manage it long term in safe, natural ways.

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