Management Of Thyroid Disorders

Management Of Thyroid Disorders in Greenville SC

Thyroid disorders can be incredibly frustrating for people struggling with them. They can involve stubborn symptoms like depression or anxiety, sleep disturbances, an inability to lose weight, joint pain, headaches, a low sex drive and much more. Virtually every aspect of a person’s life can be affected by a thyroid condition, and unfortunately, they’re often challenging to resolve.

Why are thyroid disorders such a challenge? How can it be that you’re taking medicine as directed by your health care provider, and tests show your thyroid is “fine,” but you still can’t lose a pound, get a good night’s sleep, or stop feeling paralyzed by anxiety?

One reason relates to the standard care practices in western medicine. Physicians are used to addressing health problems one at a time in individuals, rather than taking a holistic approach. If you describe symptoms typical of someone with a thyroid disorder, the standard procedure is to run bloodwork that will determine whether or not your thyroid is functioning properly. The results of your lab work determine whether or not you have a thyroid condition according to TSH or thyroid stimulating hormone levels. Normal TSH levels mean a normal or healthy thyroid.

This procedure is problematic for a couple of reasons. First, there are better markers for thyroid dysfunction than the ones doctors typically use. Testing is inadequate in nearly all cases, so many patients who have thyroid problems and do need support and care slip through the cracks until their condition worsens. Imagine how bad the patient will feel when she is finally unwell enough to merit care?

A second problem with standard health care for thyroid disorders is that it only looks at the thyroid. The thyroid is involved in nearly every physiological process within the body. This is one reason symptoms may be so diverse. If you have a thyroid disorder, it’s quite possible you have other health conditions, too – a disorder or disease, or dysfunctions and imbalances that are complicating or causing your ‘thyroid’ symptoms.

Since all of the body’s organs and systems are related, shouldn’t care for thyroid patients involve a “whole body” approach? Functional wellness care does just that. It involves a holistic approach to health that’s aimed at identifying and resolving the root causes of your symptoms and the underlying conditions causing them.

Functional wellness can be a great choice for therapeutic support if you have or suspect you have a thyroid disorder. In-depth testing and an extremely thorough examination enable functional wellness practitioners to gain a comprehensive understanding of your health. The practitioner can then develop a customized care program using safe, natural therapies to help you begin to recover and regain optimal health. The goal is to restore function and balance, not cover up or mask symptoms.

Working together in a partnership with your practitioner, you can begin to take control of your health. You’ll feel better as your body begins to heal, learn to care for your own health, and you can achieve long-term wellness as a result.

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